Can You Recommend a Mentor, Coach or Trading Course?

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I think we should learn Forex by self and do not depends on others because no one is going to help you as much as you can. Join forums , share problems and start learning is best way in Forex.
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Check out the book Splitting Pennies by Joseph Gelet -
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In relation to trading courses, I have read that Bulls On Wall Street can provide a variety of courses about investing and trading. In addition to it, you may also check this site online: The latter could help.
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No one can!
Read and learn how to trade,open a demo account,try it out,ask us for some advice,you will make a couple of mistakes-but its OK,you need to educate yourself. Be modest in the start, you need to know you're weakness. Make youre own strategy, try out another strategy...KNOWLEDGE and patience. Read economics news etc,etc.etc.
If u need a buddy for conversation and tips-you can share you're tips with me,(im trading in my free time) u can add me on Facebook.
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I just like youtube, I take it as my mentor
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Watch Out, Ther's a Vendor About.

One sure fire way to separate the chaff from the wheat...


Don't be a doughnut. Don't be a Moron.

Don't fall for the Nigerian scam letter.

Don't fall for the "I Can Teach You To Trade The Markets Scam".

But what should you ask your Friendly Super Vendor.

Ask for a Full Disclosure Check List that I'm sure any Vendor would only be willing to show you.

Name of their Broker.
How long they have been trading.
Average number of monthly trades.
How long held for.
Win/Loss Ratio.
Average Win/Loss Ratio.
Max Peak to Trough Drawdown.
Maximum Number of Consecutive Losers.
Maximum Number of Consecutive Winners.
Standard Deviation Per Month.
Sharp Ratio.
Average Profit Per Month.

Ask your Friendly Super Vendor to Sign a Statutory Declaration to the Above.

Just in case you find out later they are nothing more that a Gambler-Holic and compulsive liar trying to purloin some money from your pockets.

Lastly, dont forget to ask them to give you Full Access to Their Trading Accounts.

No point taking chances.

And I'm sure that every Vendor reading this will agree with me fully.
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Apart from Sigmund whose advice is ok. You would find it very difficult to learn to trade on your own it will cost you a fortune in mistakes and how would you identify what you need to learn apart from the very basics which can be learned at Babypips.What do you trade? How much is going to be put into your account? where is your account? is the broker regulated?What type of trader do you aspire to become?And the list of questions goes on.So you're going to learn to drive a car or fly an aircraft on your own best of luck with that one. Well trading is the same I can tell you that with the right sort of training you could if you're any good be trading within 6 months with a regulated Ecn or Stp broker do not trade with spread betting brokers they make their own market will trade against you with their dealing what will really decent training cost you go and look up Jarrett Davis He is not cheap an institutional trader runs his own fund and trades as most institutional traders do .Do not scrimp on your training cost it will return and bite you.The bonus with Jarrett Davis is if you are really any good you may well be offered a job as I say good training by a good trader a very good trader.Thanks for your time Mike.. hope this helps.Oh and by the way people I do not have any association with Jarrett Davis at all.
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You are your mentor

Take your time to learn. Apply what you are learn in demo trading account alternately. You are the best mentor for yourself
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