Nature Vs Nurture – are Good Traders Born or Made?

This is a discussion on Nature Vs Nurture – are Good Traders Born or Made? within the New to Trade2Win forums, part of the Reception category; so if you have fallen out of your mother swinging a golf club/driving an F1 car at 200mph/holding an iphone/spouting ...

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so if you have fallen out of your mother swinging a golf club/driving an F1 car at 200mph/holding an iphone/spouting be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.........then its definitely nature.
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Originally Posted by Pat494 View Post
and ourselves ?
Yes and ourselves.
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Traders are made, not born.
Proof is, let a person with no training to trade and he or she will likely loss money.
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You need experience and the proper knowledge,only this will make you a successful trader.
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I think to be good trader we must need to work hard as well smart with our experience. Market is not constant, some times it will be in out favor and on the time it will loss you money. Our experience and skills make us perfect for trading.
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Obviously I agree with the above statement that traders are made not born. Acquiring a desired skill requires continuous effort, knowledge and experience. No one is born perfect; it is one’s own hardwork that makes them who they are. So as in forex trading, to become a successful trader dedicated knowledge & experience is required.
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Ask yourself are pro poker players made or born? It's both.

Must learn the skills of high level play but w/o BALLS/STONES won't get very far.

You are either born with balls or you are not.
If I have positions going against me, I get right out; if they are going for me, I keep them. Risk control is the most important thing in trading. If you have a losing position that is making you uncomfortable, the solution is very simple: Get out, because you can always get back in.
Paul Tudor Jones

it's not over till that last trade prints!

this is not a pip-free zone!
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This thread and article is from ouside the zone , from inside the trading zone the picture is totally different .Walk the talk is when traders met reality , this article barely covers the walk.The walk is extremely difficult , and google search of 95% of traders lose confirms this.

The famous turtle Richard Dennis could not follow his own rules and lost about $60 m in 1987/88 , according to Wikepedia.The orignal turtle method is no longer effective .He closed 3 funds in 2000.The little information of how Turtles made money is great , but little information is dangerous .

If they were born ,they die early but if they were made they have to be re-made frequently,like the turtle systems .

Good traders are brought up in a disciplined buddhist monk enironment ,they are good meditators.Their environmental upbringing makes them the ideal mindset for trading.

Unfortunately traders are not born , we are born with an ancestral brain that is naturally wired to lose in the markets .To understand this you will have to listen to almost 30 free webinars on psychology on youtube , these are by top trading psychologists.Traders will also have to read several books on psychology , before they understand "what makes a successful trader".There are some good articles in the psychology section.

The orignal article is very good , but there is a lot more to the 10 points . that needs to be understood.

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