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    Tim Wilcox
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    Spain, gardening and mosaics
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    Day trader
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    US stocks
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    Trading stocks via Direct Access
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    I started trading in 2001, expecting to make a bundle of dosh in no time at all trading commodities, FX, indices - the lot. Mistake, big mistake! Started taking the subject seriously in 2003. Improving steadily, but still have a lot to learn.
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    More than 5 Years
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    Full-Time (Home/Office)
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    Day Trader
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    TradeStation Securities
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    TradeStation Securities
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    ETX Capital
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    Preferred Realtime Data Providers
    Favorite Trading Books
    The Definitive Guide to Point & Figure Charts by Jeremy Du Plessis
    Favorite Trading Tip
    "Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent." John Maynard Keynes. (I put this to the test once and lost 70% of my account on one day trade that went an insy winsy bit pear shaped.)
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    I'm New To T2W - Where Do I Start? - a must read for anyone new to T2W
    I'm New To TRADING – Where Do I Start? - a must read for anyone new to TRADING
    The Trading Plan Template - a must read for anyone without a proper TRADING PLAN
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