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    Finance Manager / Forex Trainer
    United Kingdom
    Running / General Fitness (for sanity preservation), Self help Books....Interested in search for lifes purpose Blah Blah , Seeking the ultimate lifestyle via financial independence (in my dreams !)
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    Still experimenting - all Paper at the moment until further notice
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    Still experimenting........see below
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    still Experimenting - currently researching Volume as a trigger (its the only other pure objective "hard" piece of info available apart from price....( !!??)
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    contact me at FXCorrelator@gmail.com ....(note that FXCorrelator.com currently links to my Beginners Strengthmeter thread here at T2W)

    about me :-

    see my profile here at T2Win in the articles section

    I was born into a family of Bookmakers and involved in the gambling world from a very early age (Bookmaking/Horseracing), I qualified as an Accountant back in the 80's and I've been lucky enough to travel extensively and enjoy the world inbetween a multitude of commercial/finance roles with various Blue Chips in UK and abroad. I was first introduced to Trading in the early 80's as a trainee Accountant at Shell and (part of the back office support team to their Oil Trading Floors) and have been involved in Trading ever since ....

    alongside my Work as a Finance/Commercial Analyst.....since the early 2000's I have been committed to Trading and Training people on my Forex Strengthmeters.....contact me for latest details !
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    More than 5 Years
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    US, UK, Europe, Asia-Pacific
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    Favorite Trading Books
    any that I understand (not many then).....love the Market Wizard books especially
    Favorite Trading Magazines
    Currency Trader, Investors Chronicle, The Trader's Journal, Trader Monthly, Traders Magazine, Traders World, Traders'
    Favorite Trading Tip
    Dont lose money......and dont believe anything anyone tells you
    ..... thats it
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    Trading forex strengthmeters for 15 years .....say NO to bullying at T2win....links to my free indicators http://www.trade2win.com/boards/fore...ml#post2443624
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