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I resent your earlier accusation of my intellectual dishonesty as much as George Monbiot's accusation (Grauniad recently) that those of us of a certain age who question some of the science that warming alarmists put forward didn't care about the future because we wouldn't be there to see it. Well, I may be past the first flush of youth, but I have grown-up children and one day, by the grace of God, may have grandchildren, and I care as passionately about the future as George Monbiot, Al Gore and your good self.

I've met George Monbiot (years ago) and actually have a lot of time for him, but don't necessarily go along with everything he says. I've made no secret on this forum that politically I'm pretty much towards the green left of the spectrum and have been for years, since long before people were worrying about Global Warming. In the seventies people were worrying about Global Cooling (look it up). We also used to worry about the "nuclear winter" in the event of a nuclear war. If you ignore for the moment the possibility of warming due to anthropogenic atmospheric CO2, cyclically speaking, we are about due for another ice age, based on more than one cycle.

Like most people of my "green" leanings, I pretty much accepted the story on man made warming from an early stage. It was actually what I wanted to hear. Hard evidence that the things I thought we should be doing anyway were now actually a matter of urgency. However, I actually became a bit bemused that suddenly the only thing people talked about was "carbon reduction" (shorthand of course for carbon-dioxide emission reduction, but I wonder actually how many people know the difference). All the other environmental concerns seemed to go on to the back-burner (pardon the pun).

Alerted by a few people whose views I respected, it was only relatively recently that I started looking a little bit harder at some of the supposed evidence, and I've actually changed my mind. That is to say that I've gone from a position of accepting that man-made warming is a fact, and that its consequences will definitely be disastrous, to a position of open-mindedness. I think that _some_ of the people who question the currently accepted wisdom raise questions and make observations that deserve our attention.

As an Australian Dccraig1, you may have heard of Professor Bob Carter. While being a sceptic about warming, he takes the view that we should prepare for both warming _and_ cooling (which he thinks is more likely and more deadly).

Other names to look out for (e.g. YouTube) are Freeman Dyson, Robert Felix, Dr Timothy Patterson, Professor Ron Carter, John Christy, Ron Spencer.

You may also be aware of Stephen McIntyre, who helped to point out the problems with the famous "hockey stick" graph. See also:

Personally I don't care that much about Al Gore's apparent conflicts of interests. Well, American politicians are just like that. I imagine he has several large cars and is always travelling by aeroplane. Personally I walk, ride a bike, take a bus or a train much more than I ever drive and I haven't been on a plane for 4 or 5 years. I use energy-saving bulbs and only at a minimum, and keep our thermostat as low as possible. I recycle, make compost and do most of the politically correct things, even if I question the science behind supposed global warming. I do them for the same reasons that I was doing them before most of the chattering classes started preaching about global warming, and which actually have nothing to do with climate change. I'm damned if I'm giving up meat though.
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The anti climate change movement is thankfully growing

Climate sceptics claim leaked emails are evidence of collusion among scientistsHundreds of emails and documents exchanged between world's leading climate scientists stolen by hackers and leaked online

Wondering if these recent cool summers mean something? Confused by the Freakonomics guys going all climate change-contrarian? Thinking that, perhaps, that you were too concerned about climate change 18 months ago?

If so, you may enjoy this sharp (and fairly short) piece from AP science writer Seth Borenstein (our emphasis):
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Originally Posted by Black Swan View Post
Confused by the Freakonomics guys going all climate change-contrarian?
This open letter from a Professor in the Geophysical Sciences at the University of Chicago to Mr Freakonomics (Steve Levitt), is a real eye opener. The total lack of rigor in Levitt's latest book is nothing less than shocking:

It also demonstrates very well how some of the arguments circulating about AGC and clean energy may initially seem to have some authority, but on closer examination are to put it bluntly, complete nonsense. Buyer beware.
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Real Global Warming Disaster
Christopher Booker
RRP: £16.99
Publication Date : 15/10/2009
In stock, usually despatched within 24 hours.

Guardian Bookshop Notes:
A perceptive and subtle study of the hysteria surrounding the issue of global warming and the thesis that it is a man-made phenomenon with the Western nations and giant corporations largely to blame. Based on scientific fact, Booker and North's aim is to demonstrate man-made global warming is, in fact, a myth.

Publisher's description:
Focuses on the mother of all environmental scares: global warming. This book interweaves the science of global warming with that of its growing political consequences, showing how when the politicians are threatening to change our Western way of life beyond recognition, the scientific evidence behind the global warming theory is being challenged.
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Climatologists Baffled by Global Warming Time-Out

Panic over:

Just a few weeks ago, Britain's Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research added more fuel to the fire with its latest calculations of global average temperatures. According to the Hadley figures, the world grew warmer by 0.07 degrees Celsius from 1999 to 2008 and not by the 0.2 degrees Celsius assumed by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. And, say the British experts, when their figure is adjusted for two naturally occurring climate phenomena, El Niño and La Niña, the resulting temperature trend is reduced to 0.0 degrees Celsius -- in other words, a standstill.,00.html
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There's a lot of interesting stuff on CC/AGW generally, and this latest fuss in particular here:

Summary of the emails (with links) here:
(with later updates)

But see the later articles as well.

For something a bit heavier, this is Steve McIntyre's site:

SM is one of the people who challenged and discredited the "hockey stick graph" of Michael Mann (and used heavily at one time by the IPCC but later withdrawn).
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Black Swan, I like you more and more all the time. I'm delighted to learn that you are no more susceptible to climate scammers than you are to forex scammers.

For the believers, I genuinely do not mean any disrespect. However, the anthropogenic climate change theory is a lie. Not only is it a lie, it is one so transparent that it takes considerable stupidity, an astonishing lack of curiosity, or remarkable intellectual dishonesty to believe it. In the future people will struggle to comprehend how such a delusion took hold in an age that prides itself on its scepticism and rationality.

Again, I mean no disrespect. However, for all traders who give credit to the absurd notion of man-made climate change, please PM me urgently. I have some excellent strategies for going long on tulip bulbs, and a great tip on a little known South Sea stock that's going to be HUGE. Very reasonable rates, and a carbon offset option as well.
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