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i really think the best road to go down would be trying to manage funds as apposed to peoples own cash. i.e if 10 people put in say 1k or what ever, in theory they would end up no better than if they traded it themselves (or they were benefiting from the better traders in the group, which IMO is wrong).

Now if you had a few investors wanting funds managed it would be alot different, it could then be run as a proper company and everything would be done in the appropriate way and as you said perhaps have an over site committee. To start this i think you would need maybe one or 2 people to effectivly create the idea, then invite selected traders to join and then run it as a democracy, i.e votes on new traders being brought in etc etc...would get f uckin complicated!
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Originally Posted by sighthound View Post
Would you set the stake sizes in case someone turned nasty and tried to blow the account
Yes, this would be the most important consideration.

I think everyone would have individual trade loss limits (and daily / weekly drawdown limits).

This would be overseen by a risk manager.
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How d'you figure who's good enough to get in?

I'd be interested, but I'm not exactly Livermore.
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Just a thought as the concept would be well worth following,is it worth trying the idea using a demo account for a few months before any real monies were used to measure the success rate.
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If someone ****s up do they get stabbed to death, or what?
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I just don't think there are enough good traders on here that i'd trust with my money. At least not the vocal ones. Besides...I can stay up 24hrs/day anyway without needing someone to do it for me.
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