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Phoenix Capital
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phoenixcapital started this thread Destiny is not a matter of chance, it's a matter of choice.
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That is definitely true Phoenix !
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I don't want to sound rude, but the website looks quite amateurish. Also the prospectus submission does not work correctly.
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There are many hedgefunds that have no website at all.
Fact is, those who do not try get nowhere.
If you have the contacts to raise the capital and can attract the people to show you are respectable reward vs. risk then the setup is the biggest headache in this country, much easier in USA. I know a chap who started with 5m 5 years ago and now has 1bln fum with a av. 10% net p.a.. I have had fund of fund guys turn up for meetings and ask me what they should do with hundreds of millions they are unable to place. Money is out there if you have the structure in place and can convince these people you are a good bet.
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Dow Jones,

I think the web site is pretty good. Content may not be perfect but given there are no traders at present everything may be regarded preliminary to be improved/revised as and when.

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so come on out of all of you be honest whos already applied to phoenix capital for a trading position lol
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Phoenix is not a good name right now... there was a major blow up in Germany and the company was called Phoenix.

BTW - whats most important: whats the funds style and edge? How is it going to make money? How about performance and volatility estimates?
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Originally Posted by charttrainerdotcom View Post

BTW - whats most important: whats the funds style and edge? How is it going to make money? How about performance and volatility estimates?
I believe he said he intended to be a salesman - his edge is finding traders to work for him.
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PC; why break into a sprint to manage OPM so early on??

Once you start inviting investor to give you wedge, things get V. V. complicated; I can't remember who said it earlier on in the thread, but basically it is bloody difficult to start your own fund unless you (or another officer) runs one already (5yrs, $100M+ and so on). Also, why Cayman specifically? BVI, Belize, Panama, and a few others are much less regulated (doesn't make it easier to screw people, but easier to get off the ground).

If you have the experience you claim (which I am inclined to believe), why not find partners with capital to set up the fund with you? They prolly would have to be HNWs with their own bankroll, not some other fund with cash laying around, but i would expect it is possible to raise perhaps $10m given your contacts (and really not that much out there). Then set it up an an IBC with everyone on board, and sort out equity/divs/fees and so on in the articles. Still alot of regs to go through, but it shouldn't be anywhere near as difficult as inviting OPM straight off the bat (offshore regs are becoming increasingly like the ones in the UK and US).

Then, providing things go well, your HNW backers tout their returns to other HNW's who want in, and increase your AUM that way. After a few years, then you might be in a position to get "hedge Fund" status and look for outside investment. I am told it used to be pretty easy to do this kind of thing, but not so much the case nowadays. Having said that, I know v. little about what you can actually do within the laws of the land.

One last point is that your website is sh!t. Better to have a graphic that says "F*ck off and mind your own business" than actually tell people what you intend to do. I think even by letting people ask you for "information packs" might get you into some hot water w/out all the necessary accreditation.
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