What to do after trading?

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get the Rocky IV tunes on - and hit the gym...... !!
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Back onto the original question.

Firstly, can't imagine getting 'fed up' with trading ~ the reason I got into it was so I could carry on working way past the stupid 'retirement age' which I believe is a scheme by the goverment to encourage people to then start quietly dying and hence save billions in old age pension pay-outs.

By the time I hit my mid-fifties I would like to be working 3 or 4 days and I think a good idea would be helping youngsters in the community in one endeavour or another (not quite sure yet) although one worthwhile thing I did once was showing a group of Cubs (aged around 8~9) how to climb a 60ft climbing wall ~ Their faces were a picture once they had ALL achieved something they had previously thought impossible.
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Nick, great post !!
my wee Ashlene is only 14 months but every day the sense of wonder and awe as she discovers something new about the world is a joy to behold.
There are a many projects out here aimed at helping the poor, especially the kids, so I hope I can soon start doing more than dropping 20 baht into the beggars' tins.

In fact, although my wife is set against it, because culturally, Thais have never done so, I want to adopt a babba or two eventually.
It's heartbreaking seeing them in the orphanage, knowing that, whatever kindness they experience as a youngster, their fate is still to end up on the Game or as a Junkie. Unless adopted for a better life ....
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Originally Posted by fifty2aces View Post
If I was blowing steam through my "tank engine", I'd see a doctor sharpish!
The markets can stay solvent longer than you can stay irrational.
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Could you also help the Dow to climb the 13000 points wall? He´s in desperate need...
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