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I'm sure you know that the sideways range movements to which you refer take place within longer-term trend channels. The upper limit of the particular trend channel which contains this range is considerably higher than where we are now. Will we get there? Who knows? But ego won't determine whether or not we get there, and, as you pointed out earlier, there's no climactic action yet.
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Originally Posted by wallstreetwarrior87 View Post
Got there 1st week Jan, but still not enough off loading here, and with earnings starting next week, seems silly not to keep it up here and push it higher in the next 2 weeks. Retail beginning to believe, just need them convinced! What does volume really represent? See there is nothing better than doing this in real time, see how the market flows in relation to the overall puzzle.

Remember Wykoff involves the expression of price and volume, but the key is the re-expression of price and volume, future price projection is possible to a high degree of accuracy, this can be taken as far as the user wants \ needs.

Ego tends to get involved when we try to work out a scenario that is not clear. This is because we cant always know the answer, but ego believes we can, hence academics really struggle to grasp this. When we can clearly see the game plan, we must play as we know the majority of the time the trades will be profitable, and not only that, we can gauge accurately where to exit on a consistent basis.

Hopefully this will be some food for thought going into 2017?
Ok, into Feb now, and we mentioned last time about believers needing to really embrace the markets, and that we could not even talk about a topping area until this has been put in place. Well a prime example would be this thread . All the talk is about how far these US indexes can go, traders are beginning to become slightly irrational and detached from reality. Yes, we are moving higher, but these changes of stages of movement at the most account for about 15% of the time, but during this time the crowds tend to get ahead of themselves - talking DOW at silly prices, a bit like $5000 gold and $250 oil. This is the stage of belief, so be aware and be careful. Those that really get paid are collecting in this area, they are not mopping up all they can get, they are phasing out.

So will it be psychology that determines the next few months, or lines on a chart?

All interesting stuff?
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how to trade on forex without fear?
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Originally Posted by Hamzi View Post
how to trade on forex without fear?
Practice, practice and even more practice, my friend...
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