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Chat rooms

Is there anyone in the Chat room Live tades now showin who find my behaviour apt to rudely challenge, interrupt, think the room is my own, tell you how to trade (even when there are experienced traders in the room) and in some cases do I abuse people outright,People in the room are saying they are simply fed up my egotistical attitude.I was not aware of this till T2W emailed me,with compliants.

All I ask, the people who was in the Chat room, is this correct. does the minority or majority,think this.Please let me now


formally known us

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Old Aug 26, 2005, 8:11pm   #2
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I think T2W got it about right
But as an xpit trader, trading the S & P
you would have to be a bit like that to survive
good luck with your trading
pity, but there you are
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cj12 started this thread hornblower

And how, may I ask, how you new I used to be a floor trader.I Have you guys been talking about me in the chat room.

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no, you spoke about it at some point
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cj12 started this thread Know I had time to think. I cant believe I have been kicked out of the chat room. Although. I would not go back in there if I was asked. The minority in the room got very easily upset. If you want to make money from this game of hard knocks. You cant afford to get upset.

I was not in the chat room for emotional or sentimental reasons, in not looking to upset anyone. I speak the truth, I was in the room to show you, and others out there, selling methods that don't work.

Trading is the ultimate psychological game-a game of terror, some might say. the market will do everything to try and intimidate you, but is finally comes down to you against yourself. How you deal with failure will make what kind of trader you are. Can you deal with adversity, can you take the heat. Im sure the ones that got me kicked out of the room, cant.

So am I right in thinking I have upset everyone in the room, Because the ones who was asking for my advice have not backed my claim up.


Formally known as SUN in the chat room

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from what ive seen , you have been completely ok..... whats the issue ? or are you talking about one particular day ? ive only popped in twice couple of weeks back , or is it something to do with you being cj and sun ? one and the same. but sun123 was ok . Dunno mate. keep the faith anyway.

I found your commentary reflects a level of composed mindset required that may well be beneficial for others to emulate to trade in those timescales, very open, including very human comments like "what am I doing" and then correcting or continuing.

Cheers to you mate.
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I only joined you on one day. I was interesting reading your thoughts as you traded and you maintained a good commentary even when the action was busy. For me though a lot of your credibility was lost when you made a few losing trades early on and then subsequently claimed that it was a 'test' to see if we'd spotted your deliberate mistake (of buying on a falling market)! I thought you were joking initially. Sorry to hear the experiment ended in tears though.

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