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Old Aug 29, 2005, 9:04pm   #36
Joined Nov 2003
Hi Wasp,
I dont think you 've read the thread,pls read and than make constructive comment.
this is abt a guy posting slanderous accusations against someone who has done nothing but help people on this board,just to learn beterr trading skills.Mr marcus is not abt competitions and challenging others,he dosent need the Ego trip like it seems some guys do.All he has done is given some gt help at no cost,some people cant undersnd this.
Pls check his past posts and that will not only help your trading ,but you will see the kinda guy he is.
Hes done alot for T2w members and to kick it bac in his face,well were is this board headed.from the help and the totally FREE sessions i have had with him, i say,Wake up guys and girls dont lose the best Trader you have probably seen on this board and belive me,I REALLY mean that.
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Old Aug 29, 2005, 9:12pm   #37
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.what's with all the proving sun....i never once questioned your ability, no one's the attitude and the deceit ..and the slander that's the probem..nothing else. i'll say it now as i did in the room're a good trader but you annoyed so many traders...some put you on ignore.....some left...but most why do you pick on me....let it go man ....
. in fact i jumped to your defence and called you a good trader when no one else did.remember that?.

mark j office starting 2moz...cant really be bothered with this any more.... how did it get from being banned from multiple nicks and others complaints about me...whats wrong with you.

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Old Aug 29, 2005, 9:19pm   #38
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cj12 started this thread And i dont help anyone. I was in the chat room helping others. so dont twist things around. I was the one who got kicked out over all marcus numpties

I am mad, over this, I tell you what ask marcus to send 12 months brokerages statements I will send T2W It all a fars,he only been at this for 2 years, iIhave was doing this trading lark,when marcus was in kinder garden.


Who The Daddy
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Old Aug 29, 2005, 9:23pm   #39
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and this is not the right way to go about solving it cj by asking for statements, please stop trying to prove things and competing
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Old Aug 29, 2005, 9:43pm   #40
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CJ, you do seam to be taking this far too seriously. So some people don't like you, and you where thrown out of a chat room, who cares, get over it, move on. I wish I had a dollar for every time I upset someone or someone disagreed with me !

Do you really care that much about what a bunch of anonymous strangers think ? Start your own room it costs next to nothing, if you've anything at all to offer people will follow you. Your posts aren't doing much for your credibility, your portraying yourself as someone whose angry, cant handle emotions, cant handle rejection, cant put together a coherent and logical argument and cant spell (just like me really )

Your last request for broker statements is starting to sound like the “my dads bigger than your dad” type of argument we used to participate in as 6 year olds. Please lets not stoop down to that level. If you have something positive to contribute, great lets hear it, if not let it drop.

good luck with your trading
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Old Aug 29, 2005, 10:15pm   #41
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The moderators have not deliberately ignored the contents of this thread: it is simply a matter of our not being glued to the site 24/7, especially over the weekend. For this I must apologise, as it is clear that matters have escalated somewhat unpleasantly.

Due to his recent abusive comments and a number of other reasons, cj12 has been banned indefinitely.
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