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Hi All,

I see that again there is negative comment against Mr Marcus. Made today by CJ12.

See this post below from the chat room. Moderators where on earth are you ?


I know that he took about 4/5 guys - created this room called numpties and was goin to teach them everything on mini-dow

all he showed them was basic pattersn (the neckline) and then wanted £3000 (I think) to show them everything over a 10/20 hr seminars

One of the guys I think gave up his job and paid him the money and all he got shown was the neckline
.................................................. .................................................. .................................

It all make sense now,mrmarcus didt want a real trader in the room.I also challenge him last year, when he was claiming of making a 300 points a day.Laughing out loud !...never challenge me, I wonder why?


Perhaps I can shed some light and some reality on the truth here. I, like others came across Mr Marcus in November 2004 when was calling trades in the room and posting charts on t2w.

So yes ladies and gentlemen an amazing number of points were ratcheted up by Marcus during this period, and of course we had the doubting Thomases the soothsayers, the ex floor traders who said they couldn’t do it on the floor, so he couldn’t do it on screen and the doomsday merchants saying in essence it was all BS. This is normal in the fine old world of trading, of course we all know that..

Problem is chaps it wasn’t and it isn’t BS. In the last 9 months of daily trading with Mr Marcus over his hotcomm room I have seen him take two losses – the first of three YM points and the second of five YM points. Almost too ridiculous to be believable, well yes I can see where people are coming from, but sorry this is the truth.

You want to talk about razor timing on entry and exit; you want to talk about understanding of the market, trader groups, open interest, fair value, price action, using volume the way it should be used, the correct way to look at MP, correct way to understand open plays, gap closing, key levels, inter market relationships etc then he is your man. And I haven’t found anyone who gets any where near him on any of the above subjects. Some years back I used to think the LBR room, they aren’t even in the changing room, let alone the starting blocks when compared to Mr M.

So who the hell am I? What should I know? Well my bookcase is about 100 books full – yea large bookcase – and my seminar section is about 80 cm wide – so I suppose I’ve read and listened to a fair amount of trading ‘advice in my time’. So I suppose I can make a comparison. I trade options and I have been studying with Mr M to trade futures directionally.

Couple all Mr Marcus’s skills together and what you get is a man who can read a market almost like a book over any time frame, although his speciality is short time frame scalping. When other posts on elite or t2w say “the day was flat or nothing doing” mr Marcus takes points like its just not possible, on more than one occasion I have wondered whether or not he is mainlined to the big man up top as every time he says ‘we are going upsides’ the market obliges. It is quite simply stunning to witness this. The number of points he racks up are huge.

So how come Mr Marcus can do this when others can’t. Firstly I believe there is an inbuilt gift – ability, intuitive skill, call it what you like. You reckon Beckham was just a kid who learnt it playing on Wanstead flats – no neither do I. He had something at the outset.

Let me say another thing, there is a man who shall remain nameless who was extremely big on the Liffe floor, almost feared, there were even traders who coat tailed him. Those from that period will probably know who I mean, He failed off floor. So it’s a skill and inbuilt skill, which he ahs honed to even finer and greater extents in order to suck out the points - some of this skill and learning can be passed on that is how I see it.

If someone has skill why the jealousy, why the knocking. ?? Why the unnecessary rudeness?

Now to the point of the post.

Attacking someone is one thing, attacking them unnecessarily is a different thing.

What is more important than all of the above is that Mr Marcus is probably the most generous person I have ever had the good fortune to meet. That is to say, I have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours with him in the last 9 months on HC where he has explained his market philosophy to me and other traders. This philopshy is a whole ‘concept ‘of trading and simply cannot be bought in any book, seminar or guru lecture. He actually cares about whether or you get your entry or exit timed correctly, even today he was bollocking me because I was 6 points late on entry.

So thousands of hour’s sounds like allot right – well yes it is. Shall we say all hours or any hours of the day or night, meaning 4am midnight, weekends, holidays, etc its all ads up – its non stop. I see very few other traders putting in the se types of hours or commitment to improving themselves and other traders.

Being expert in one field doesn’t mean you stop pushing for more perfection – and that’s what he does, he spends hours studying and perfecting his skills even more and teaching others those very same skills COMPLETELY FOR FREE. There are other traders in the HC who trade with me who can verify this information.

I sent him my trades or market analysis documents on a daily basis and he puts me right on what I have either my traded or analyzed. He does not charge for this.

It is simply not true to make accusations about some seminar or other for showing a neckline and charging 3000 – that’s like saying Lance Armstrong showed you a couple of spokes on his bike. Crazy and completely unfounded. It’s silly, and childish – perhaps either the story has been twisted by an unhappy trader who didn’t put in the necessary hundreds of hours study which are required in order to even emulate one tenth of the mr Marcus results and therefore this person felt like having a go due to his own lack of ability or staying power, rather than any fault with mr Marcus.. The problem often lies within us all.

Mr Marcus is involved in charity work and only yesterday was telling me that his focus is still on a project in which he intends to set up a series of orphanages in under developed countries. He repeated several times during our conversation this was his ultimate goal and that he mustn’t get pushed off course. His end goal is driven by wanting to offer deeds of good work to other people.

He has turned down many offers to trade other people’s money.

I hope this dispels any stupid and childish talk. Jealously or similar doesn’t get a trader anywhere.. When I read the CJ12 or SUN posts, I actually feel sorry for the man, if you can’t trade as well as Mr Marcus who cares? I can’t trade as well as him, does this make me a lesser person or necessitate stupid comments ? No it doesn’t. Rather than firing rounds at the wrong target wouldn’t it be better to improve your own performance and then have the decency to pass those ideas and methods on to other traders. And do this in a manner which is conducive to letting people actually learn rather than playing some sort of guru character..

I sent the following to t2w last week

Dear Sirs,

As a professional options trader I use t2w to research ideas and follow general market news and I think the site is generally very well put together and useful.

As well as trading my own option positions, I have been taking training from and working with another t2w trader who goes by the handle of '"mr marcus" on t2w. He has been mentoring and teaching me since January this year on directional futures trading and is himself an extremely skilled and talented trader. In more than 25 years of trading I have yet to come across a trader who is so unselfish in his desire to help other traders, be they experienced or beginners and who is so willing to share his ideas and approach to the markets.

However, I would like to bring to your attention a concern I have regarding the t2w chat room Last week another of your members "SUN123" became very abusive and quite arrogant towards other room members and more importantly directly to "mr marcus", in fact he started to make personal attacks against him, I for one as professional trader just would not accept this if I were in control. There was a similar attack nearly one year ago and there is a body of opinion which thinks that CJ12 and SUN123 are in fact the same person.

Of course trading involves people with differing opinions, but I do not believe those opinions should run to insulting behaviour. Mr marcus is probably the best trader you have on t2w and his trading calls and general trading advice and methodology should be listened too not abused. What traders can learn from him when he is calling in the room is much more than most could hope for and he is doing this for free remember - so we should listen not berate.

I would like you to stop SUN123 from continuing on with this type of behaviour, so that the traders who are present in the room can enjoy the room for the purposes for which it was designed - live trading chat rather than the creation of disharmony.


Paul Langham

I received the following reply.

To: Paul Langham
Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2005 11:06 AM
Subject: RE: Trade2Win Chat Room

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the e-mail.
We believe that there should always be a level of fair and acceptable behaviour at T2W, along with a healthy, constructive debate about different methodologies.
We will monitor the chat room for any unacceptable behaviour.


Eamonn Kelly

Well, I am sorry to say that the moderators have not done their job as promised and in fact failed. T2w will loose both a brilliant trader and a generous man as a result. Personally I cannot understand how these negative and aggressive attacks can be allowed to continue so soon after having received this reply.


Paul Langham

I think that he is an amazing individual who is gifted beyond belief and I hope he doesn’t mind me mentioning, that his vision is to build orphanages around the world with the money made from trading.

I really totally appalled that the moderators to have allowed this gentlemen to be treated in his manner. I thought they were there to protect people?

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Hello Board, &Sun123 cj12 etc,

As you can see from posting history,i dont post too often and only have wen someone has needed some tech help etc...
Today I have just read a post that i feel cannot possibly be true,i do not wish to get in a slanging match with sun or anyone.However the post regarding Mr marcus has really upset me,I cannot belive that he is being accused of charging £3000 for any seminars,for a start i have been on the same chatboard as u sun and all i have found is Mr Marcus has not only posted good trading advice-FREE ,but privately he has tutored me for some 8-9 hrs now,and NEVER once has he asked for money and whats more has categorically stated he will not teach any of us for money.I can also say,i have now over a 6 yr period been to many seminars and have literally spent thousands of pounds on courses,books etc whilst thy helped in theoretical grounding in trading,wen you are in the real market you are trading against the best(market makers and pros).This is the teaching that i am learning from Mrm how to beat the best,to most people it may look easy and that is why 95% of traders lose money.I am not here to brag abt Mrmarcus,but the man can seriously trade REAL money in the market.,not just caliing.As for his goals well,this may upset him for mentioning,but bulk of his earnings are being set aside for good causes.
I will also add i have seen many traders claiming to be the best,but whilst ,they brag etc,I can now say that I have truly seen not only the best trader but also a truly unique individual.
There have been many posts by people who have thanked Mr marcus for his unbiased help and honesty.
The moderators I have to say have overall a very good chtboard hre but there record of action against offenders is ABYSMALLY poor.
The above post my opinion is slander and shld be taken of immediately.


P.s to show the slanderer has backed of the post has been erased as i write .However i have a screen grab which i attach.
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Thanks! The following members like this post: mr.marcus
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cj12 started this thread Nice post guys,I can see you are in marcus gan,Anyone on my side.

Ok Marcus there was some truth in who sent me, this tex.anyway.I asked you ,for me to join you in you private room,but,you never LET me in. You know I can trade. I dont know if you can.

marcus you said this ,that I want to get away from the losers in the t2w room. I never said such a thing. Thats not true.100%.and you said marcus that I have asked you to share YOUR trade secrets with you over and over. what a laugh. I know, nearly everything there is to trading.I have made my money form this game.

If you that good marcus,trade live against me. next week. and show you numpties team, how good you are. let me know.

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..ill just post one of many mails from you cj....let people see what you really are...

Hello Marcus

I see you have deleted all you posts. It a great shame and real no need to do this. Anyhow I would like to ask you a few question, maybe you can make 300 points a day scalping. I have had a long time think about this, As I said before I used to trade in the s&p pit from 1990 to 94. and it was hard work.… I know swing trade very successfully and im willing to share this with you, if you would so kindly share you scalping methoud with me. It would be hard for me to use your style as im know trading up to a max of 130 lots and it would be hard to get fills.but im intrested how you do it.You have my word and faith it will be for my eyes only.

And if you need any help in rising money for your projects, let me know and I will help you.

King regards


...this is after he slagged me off for months and i afte idreceived back up from the likes of chartman etc....note the post......he trades 130 lots on es.....2nd post dpown to 3 lots on ym .and hes just curious about my methods ;-)

Hi Marcus

Yes, i will to play. in a 250 pound game but you can start of with a 50 pound game then 100 then the 250 pound game. to get the feel of it.remember on the 250 pound games we be playing for a 1000 pound pot. in a 2hr game.

3 weeks back there was plenty of games. but a big player pulled out with all his players. maybe they was not doing they work in the city they were playing tradergames all day. and since this tradergames has gone quiet.

This is why im asking for traders out there to try it . I think its great way of making money. I also trade the real market. trading the s&p and dow. but i need to make 120 points a week trading the dow with 3 make 1000 quid. I can get this on 250 pound 2 hr game for a 1000 pound pot.

Let me know what day and time you are looking at to trade. also you said you got a couple of new traders who you may send. Do you train traders to trade.



........everything about you is lies....and yes you answer all your own posts on the forums and in the chat room were you were logged on as both cj12 and sun123 same time ....the attacked yourselef under another stop trying to slander me....i have more mails from you cj12/sun 123 asking for and my stuff....leave it alone mark j

Last edited by mr.marcus; Aug 29, 2005 at 8:12pm.
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Mr Marcus,

If you do stop contributing to the chat room I will miss insights very much. However, I do understand that this sort of stuff is impossible to ignore if it's aimed at you personally.

Any more you can offer will, I'm sure be of great interest and use not just to me but many other within t2w. Cuddles is quite correct in that a running commentary from you would be of immense interest to me and others, I'm sure. Much more help, in fact, than someone posting trades with no explanation just to prove that they can trade.

Don't let the b****rs get you down.

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cj12 why have a competition? That isn't necessary. We are all here to learn not go against or fight each other
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I am one of the numpties, I've been taught by Mr Marcus in a hotcomm room since January this year - hundreds, if not a thousand, hours - all for free. Mr Marcus has never once asked me for a penny and continues to give advice and knowledge that I'd never come to on my own. He's one of, if not the most, generous person I've met in my life.

Unlike most other people Mr Marcus has helped I was almost completely new to trading when we met in a forex chat room. He didn't require a level of knowledge or skill for people to have before he helped them, just a good attitude and a willingness to put the hours in to work. With the knowledge and insights he's given me, for free, I'm now trading the YM profitably virtually day in and day out.

The only reason I log into the T2W chat is to be there if Mr Marcus teaches or gives insight about the market. Sun's (CJ12) behaviour in the chat room keeps knowledgeable traders like Mr Marcus from wanting to contribute in the room. Last week I watched as Joules got fed up with Sun and logged out, another knowledgeable trader who could share with the room. When I see this happening I just log off the site too.

To top of this ridiculousness, Sun private messaged me last week, and when I told him that I was one of Mr Marcus' students in a hotcomm room Sun asked if he could join us. The hypocrisy would be laughable if the slander that Sun is posting wasn't so disturbing and unfair.

To the moderators of this site, if you want the site to flourish with knowledgeable traders helping others then you will have to start protecting people from harassment and slander. Otherwise all you'll have is a site full of newbies and a few bullies. It's long past time that you dealt with Sun (CJ12) firmly and finally.

Karl Doucet
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So many people on other threads post thoughts, trades and commentry on what they think the market will do (or not do). There is a running commentry daily on the DOW and SPX. These guys aren't competing, they are all getting on, sharing their thoughts and helping each other and themselves to make a living. I thought thats what this site was about, not ego and trying to prove your great and better than others.

Why waste time like this. Life is too short and trading is hard enough?!
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