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Old Aug 29, 2005, 6:30pm   #17
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It is not my nature to be critical or negative of other people, but I think this last allegation about mrmarcus charging others to be very discomforting. This claim about charging money is very out of character for mrmarcus, and I think this claim has no substance based on my experiences dealing with him.

I am not one of his trainees, and I have never been in any of his private channel (hotcomm) training sessions. I can, however, state that he has spent more than 5 hours with me, one-on-one, to guide me with trading advice. He has never asked for anything monetary in return. However he does expect an open & honest mind and hard work on my part.

Out of that, only a very small portion of time has covered any TA "patterns".

His teaching has great value for me because it has helped in seeing the social dynamics of market, and not traditional "trading techniques" or TA, which I am no stranger to.

I personally think this claim is false in a significant way, and you would have to do more to prove such claims.
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Old Aug 29, 2005, 6:47pm   #18
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I only know mrm from the chat room, but he's certainly never tried to sell me anything - just provided some thought-provoking comments in the room, which is just the sort of thing any of us new to trading need.

So either he's not selling training, or he thinks I'm too good a trader already

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cj12 started this thread To qtolar and passive

You first ever post. are you the numpties,I only posted what someone sent me. I could even name names. but I wont.

All I can say is something is going on.


I never used to talk to my self. as the moderators. I only dont it, to act like a ; lossing trader. to fit in. when you have traded for more than 18 years. You get fed up with looking clever.

By the way the room missed out on 40 Dow points in the first 3 hours today.

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Old Aug 29, 2005, 6:58pm   #20
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I also have only known MrMarcus for a very short while, in the chatroom. I find him to be a genuinely good guy, and a generous individual, and he has not once touted for business in any way, but has freely given his remarkable knowledge to all who wish to listen.
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Old Aug 29, 2005, 6:59pm   #21
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Yes same here i have only ever spoken to Mrm in chat and PM mode and have received trading advice free with no mention of charging for courses etc. CJ, this is getting ridiculous now and your behaviour will only serve to undermine your creditibility and that of the sites.

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Old Aug 29, 2005, 7:08pm   #22
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..ok..i didnt want to do this...cj you are not well my friend...last year i was slandered by yourself over and that time btw you claimed to be a 70 lot es month ago you were begging for games on tradergames..what happened?...$250 a a between you have asked me to share my trade secrets with you over and over...and when i refuse you insult me under another name on t2w...i dont want your money mate.last week you upset many many people with you weird ego behaviour and multiply answer yourself on these threads and even set up troll threads like " day trading is dumb".what is wrong with you mate?...
let me set the record straight about teaching...everyone i taught came to me....i took 4 traders at the start ..i taught them well over a 100 hrs..never charged a penny....i then took another group who approached me ...still have the emails...all the time i gave up a lot of my trading time to help these some stage some of them asked for xtra help to fast track ....this was gonna eat into my weekends...i then asked a nominal fee for this...a lot less than you stated....this was after teaching them for a good 50+ hrs already.i enjoyed a good friend ship with these guys too.i also stated the this nominal fee was for my weekend time and i would give it to charity which i did.
unforunutaelty my mother then became very ill......i withdrew from the group quite suddenly...this caused a bit of a misunderstanding within the group....i returned half of the money for the extra lessons i hadnt completed to 2 traders who had given me the dosh..this actually left me out of pocket as id already given it all to charity.i knew at the time i was goin to have to spend more time with my mother and my head wasnt right to carry on.thats the was a shame as i really liked the guys...sometimes misunderstandings happen.i wish this could be changed.but that is a small part of my trading life.i vowed at that point never to take a penny even as a gift.i dont need to said to the guys at the time it was a token...
. as far as what i teach ...its nowhere on the boards mate..ask anyone who ive helped this week.neckilines..dont make me laugh mate.
....i will also tell people this...i tried to protect you cj...but your trying to dish make believe dirt on me...let me tell them some truths.even last week he asked to join my trader audio rooms....he stated he wanted to get away from the losers in the t2w the time i was trying to get you to admit to having multiple nicks on the same address.i didnt need to .i never knew many people wanted something done about your behaviour.dont .i will stop there.
what has really upset me is the fact that the mods knowing all this did nothing to protect me from this slander which everyone could see was much bad behaviour is needed to get banned.i just cant believe it.i put in so much work for t2w last was unbelievable.i truly enjoyed the chatrooms and we had some great fun.i came back to try to help this year.but you annoinced to everyone ..every time i tried....that mr Marcus cant teach me anything and on and should never been allowed this chance to stir more poison cj/sun123/derdee.
this will be my last post on t2w.cheers to everyone and despite all this i wish you luck cj
i have far better things to do than this. anyone watching this...i guess youll put it down to a class of personalites...i say this to you guys ...go read when he first attcked me and so on...if i was you guys...i woudlnt is too short..
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Old Aug 29, 2005, 7:08pm   #23
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cj12 started this thread Another one of mrmarcus boys. The numpties team. I can see why I got kicked out, you were all marcus boys.

Any one on my side.

I post it again quick, this was not from me,
.................................................. .................................................. ............................

This was sent to me.form someone on T2W

I know that he took about 4/5 guys - created this room called numpties and was goin to teach them everything on mini-dow

all he showed them was basic pattersn (the neckline) and then wanted £3000 (i think) to show them everything over a 10/20 hr seminars

One of the guys i think gave up his job and paid him the money and all he got shown was the neckline
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Old Aug 29, 2005, 7:10pm   #24
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I would just like to state a few words for the record, if I may. I have only known Mr. Marcus via the trade2win chat room for around a week or so and in that time Iíve learned more about trading then anything Iíve done before during the past 20 years.

Iíve spent approximately £5,000 on various seminars (which I will not mention), cds, video presentations and loads of books etc : a waste of time & money ,as I am only now via Mr. Marcus, starting to learn the truths about the markets and how they work. His knowledge is absolutely mind blowing and believe me that is a huge understatement.

I have had 4 sessions with him, spending a total of around 14 hours, together with another 1 Ĺ hours in which he gave me a running commentary of the YM on a 1minute chart Ė all his calls were correct. I didnít know it was possible to trade like this. He has never asked for a penny Ėever, after spending 15 1/2 hours with me. This is incredible.

Mr. Marcus also in addition taught for 2 hours on Friday 26th August, to a room of amazed people (chat room), who will hopefully back this up.

I think that he is an amazing individual who is gifted beyond belief and I hope he doesnít mind me mentioning, that his vision is to build orphanages around the world with the money made from trading.

I really totally appalled that the moderators to have allowed this gentlemen to be treated in his manner. I thought they were there to protect people?

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