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cj12 started this thread Hello peto

I invite all criticism. But you needed to be in the room over a few days per se what i was doing. You came in the room on monday. where I done this test, it was only around 30 points loss. and as you now i made this back up. I was in the room a few weeks and never had a losing day.
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Hi CJ i was in the room on the Monday and i cant think what you did wrong. Its always a shame when we can learn things from people but we dont get the chance to carry on because the person teaching is always ambushed by the minority. It happened to another trader who used to post live trades in the room. In the end they just feel like whats the point and leave. Its a shame as so many can benefit from peoples knowledge and experience.
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cj12 started this thread I have delited the post to shut the numpties up

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cj12 started this thread CJ

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Preposterous !

I find your claims absolutely absurd and I am a step away from labelling you the worst person to come to Trade2Win.

Mr Marcus is an exceptional individual. I have met him in person on a few occasions now and he has never asked for a dime. Infact he came over to my house, set up my charts and even gave me a monitor all for free - all to aid . He genuinely enjoys helping others and only asks that we all respect each other.

It is not a suprise that you have decided to do this. When some people are unable to get what they want they throw irritating tantrums like children.

I realise that insults are not to be exchanged on this wonderful trading community resource but people like you ought to be kicked out for good. You are in denial and your decision to become slanderous is ridiculous.

I hope the moderators read this and act accordingly.
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Old Aug 29, 2005, 6:27pm   #16
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Originally Posted by cj12
I hope T2W moderators are not giving out private information, How come mmmarcus new my IP Address. This should not be given to a third partys

You are missing the point. If a poster has more than one user name he can have a great conversation with himself, fooling everyone else. Why would you want more than one name in a chat room, otherwise? Why don't we all have two or three names, while we are about it?

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It is not my nature to be critical or negative of other people, but I think this last allegation about mrmarcus charging others to be very discomforting. This claim about charging money is very out of character for mrmarcus, and I think this claim has no substance based on my experiences dealing with him.

I am not one of his trainees, and I have never been in any of his private channel (hotcomm) training sessions. I can, however, state that he has spent more than 5 hours with me, one-on-one, to guide me with trading advice. He has never asked for anything monetary in return. However he does expect an open & honest mind and hard work on my part.

Out of that, only a very small portion of time has covered any TA "patterns".

His teaching has great value for me because it has helped in seeing the social dynamics of market, and not traditional "trading techniques" or TA, which I am no stranger to.

I personally think this claim is false in a significant way, and you would have to do more to prove such claims.
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Old Aug 29, 2005, 6:47pm   #18
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I only know mrm from the chat room, but he's certainly never tried to sell me anything - just provided some thought-provoking comments in the room, which is just the sort of thing any of us new to trading need.

So either he's not selling training, or he thinks I'm too good a trader already

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cj12 started this thread To qtolar and passive

You first ever post. are you the numpties,I only posted what someone sent me. I could even name names. but I wont.

All I can say is something is going on.


I never used to talk to my self. as the moderators. I only dont it, to act like a ; lossing trader. to fit in. when you have traded for more than 18 years. You get fed up with looking clever.

By the way the room missed out on 40 Dow points in the first 3 hours today.

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Old Aug 29, 2005, 6:58pm   #20
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I also have only known MrMarcus for a very short while, in the chatroom. I find him to be a genuinely good guy, and a generous individual, and he has not once touted for business in any way, but has freely given his remarkable knowledge to all who wish to listen.
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