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Re: Vote Conservative

The bastar*d is mortified is he ?

Lying bastar*d, he doesn't give a sh1t, he thinks we are all cnuts.

Hope he F's OAD's.
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Re: Vote Conservative

Some time later.

Then he went back to her house .....made sure she got the message as she seemed totally confused by what he said originally !

Spreading the madness across this suite of forums.

Those are my principles and if you don't like them, well..... I have others.

Kin Dissers Everywhere

We are all leavers now
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Re: Vote Conservative

Pat494 started this thread Obviously ALL politicians should be wired up permantly

we the great unwashed and semi literati want to know all your inner thoughts Mao er I mean Gordie
Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Imagination should be used constructively on the firm basis of knowledge.
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Re: Vote Conservative

maybe the woman WAS a bigot?

everyone seems to think their opinion has value, no matter how stupid, or devoid of intellectual rigour.
we need to resurrect the notion of people "knowing their place".
if you leave school incapable of reading or writing, you should lose the right to vote or have an opinion.
people should be capable of proving their opinion, including the original source of the idea, backed by facts.

these plebs think they have an opinion. truth is, they are merely re-iterating something they "read" in a tabloid, or heard from "some bloke dahn the pub".
ask them to follow through their "logic", and they would end up contradicting themselves.

if there were an intelligence test before voting, we could eliminate chavs and idiots.
put them in their place, and get them to "earn" the right to have an opinion.

I feel sorry for these politicians, having to dumb-down complex issues into simple things these morons can understand. in addition to which, everyone has lost the concept of having principles that benefit society without necessarily benefiting them specifically, being as they are, totally self-obsessed about how these politicians will make them better off.

we could start be sterilizing any woman caught reading ""Hello" magazine, or with names Chantelle or Chardonnay.
Any man wearing a baseball cap should be shot on sight. Or anyone who says "wicked" to anything or flicks their fingers as a gesture of acknowledgement.

there. thats my manifesto.

I would like the politicians call more voters "idiots", "morons" and "bigots". Why suck up to these losers?
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# There are 10 kinds of people in the world; those that understand binary, and those that dont. -Anon
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Re: Vote Conservative

You have my vote for the "trendie" party.

Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend,
inside of a dog, it's too dark to read. -- G Marx.
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Re: Vote Conservative

Originally Posted by trendie View Post
maybe the woman WAS a bigot?
This article examines the question in depth:


THE word 'bigot', introduced into the English language in the late 16th Century, lost all meaning shorty after 11pm last night, it has been confirmed.

Word managers at the Oxford English Dictionary said 'bigot' became officially meaningless when the one millionth person on Twitter used it to describe an old lady from Rochdale who used the word 'immigrants'.

Tom Logan, the OED's deputy director of A to C, said: "Meaning-wise, 'bigot' has been on shaky ground for quite some time and, like most bad things, it's entirely the fault of The Guardian.

"Guardian readers think anyone who doesn't love The Wire is a bigot. They think anyone who hasn't had an interesting experience in a two-star hotel in Ho Chi Minh City is a bigot. They think anyone who doesn't like Greco-Javanese fusion food is a bigot.

"Meanwhile, anyone who hasn't read a book about the right-wing media conspiracy against Hezbollah is the absolute worst kind of bigot and of course they now think I'm an appalling bigot for pointing that out.

"But perhaps most damning of all is that these are the sort of twisted, ruined people who will endure at least 15 minutes of The Kumars at Number 42 simply to prove that everyone else is intellectually evil."

Meanwhile, Professor Henry Brubaker of the Institute for Studies, stressed the use of the word 'immigrants' by 66 year-old grandmother Gillian Duffy would have been bigoted it had been followed by 'are not nice people', but it wasn't.

"Mrs Duffy said 'You can't say anything about immigrants... all these eastern Europeans are coming in, where are they flocking from?'. So let's just examine that one section at a time.

"Now, the first bit is factually correct. You can't say anything about immigrants and I'm fairly confident that we all understand that now.

"The second bit is a little tricky because it does seem to answer its own question - which Guardian readers have pointed out many, many, many times. But of course what she really meant was 'I'm just a normal old lady and I don't really know why any of this is happening'.

"But Guardian readers should continue to patronise her anyway because that just impresses the grade-A s***e out of everyone."

Tom Logan added: "The really wonderful thing is that the original meaning of bigot was 'sanctimonious hypocrite', so in the next edition of the Oxford English Dictionary we're going to go back to our etymological roots and adjacent to the word 'bigot' it will simply say 'noun - a reader of The Guardian'.

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Re: Vote Conservative

What does 'BIGOT' stand for?

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Re: Vote Conservative

“We don’t have any plans to raise VAT.”
= "We haven't yet decided whether to put up VAT to 20% or 25%".
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