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CERN Press Release – CERN announces start-up date for LHC

I thought that mini-black holes are so unstable. That they won't last long enough to do damage. But yeah, all they're trying to do is find where the "missing energy" has gone from colliding particles. Not sure if this is the hadron particle... or the gravitron. I almost got that edinburger doctor to my high school a few years ago after he retired from edinburgh uni. He was busy at the time =/
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Originally Posted by Paul71 View Post
Any of you scientists know what the Hadron collider is? Can it really be controlled and safe? Was the end predicted by Nostrawotshisface?

Comments gents?

What's an 'event horizon'? How can normal physics suddenly turn into not normal physics? Would i feel any pain being sucked into a black hole? Say it only managed to take my foot off, would i bleed?

In a collider you bash subatomic particles together at very high speeds and look at the fragments. Kind of like reading tealeaves but for nerds

The event horizon has been explained. Normal physics breaks down there because gravity levels are so high that space and time are warped. Kind of like when you enter Selfridge's on the first day of sale and find yourself transported back to a scene out of Braveheart.

The idea with space-time is that basically space and time are related. Hence, gravity pulls time around it as well as space - and hence as you approach the event horizon of a black hole, the gravity is pulling time towards it, so each second for you at the event horizon lasts millions of years outside it. Hence people who enter black holes obviously become very boring.....

And yes, if the nucleus of an atome were the size of a pea, the electrons would be orbiting around it at a distance as if the pea were on the centre circle of Wembley Stadium and the electrons were flying around the car park! The electrons move at 600 miles/second, but the particles in the nucleus are moving at 19,000 miles per second - they are immensely tightly bound! And to come full circle, the Hadron Collider bashes those subatomic particles up.

Thing is, when you bash them up, you generate so much energy that new particles are born. Just like in Hiroshima and Nagasake where the nuclear explosion sites yielded some new elements that had never been seen before.

Am I waffling now?
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