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PJmarkets702 started this thread The Top Market offices are buzzing this morning because J.P. Evans has his first max play of the year. This is the type of game that's worth stepping out on...

No time for a big write-up, but here's what we can quickly report:

The play is the Seahawks +2 in the second wave of games. Seattle will visit sunny Los Angeles to face the upstart Rams.

Two things...First, expect the Coliseum to be the most quiet building to host a game today across the league. Oddsmakers are not fully factoring in the Rams (and Chargers) lack of home field advantage yet. Second, this is the time of year when hot new players such as Jared Goff start to get "figured out" by the opposition. Expect crafty old Pete Carroll (and defensive mastermind) to have a game plan prepared for the young Goff.

But let's be clear - this bet is certainly not a knock on the 2nd year Ram QB. He deserves props. Over 117 pass attempts this season, he's only thrown one interception. He's been almost flawless. And that's why J.P. is saying sharps are basically playing the overreaction to how much of a surprise he's been. That's the angle.

Don't forget - the Seahawks beat the Rams 24-3 last year in a game where Richard Sherman drilled Goff on a scramble along the sideline late in the second half. Goff has not forgotten this hit. It's also no secret around the league that Jared Goff does not like to get hit. Look for him to be slightly intimidated by this veteran Seattle defense today.

Bonus Plays: Panthers +1.5 and Cowboys -2
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PJmarkets702 started this thread Henry "Hank" Kim goes to the ice tonight with his first pick of the NHL season. It's the Hurricanes -125. They'll be in Raleigh to welcome the Blue Jackets.

Some quick hitters on this one:

The two teams split their season series last year, each going 2-2 against the other.

This game will be broadcast on for free. So no matter where you are, all you need is an internet connection. The league is doing 3-4 free games a week this fall, in order to give folks a taste of the full experience.

64% of the Public is backing Columbus as a dog (according to the Top Market Odds Portal @ 8:38AM PST). And that makes sense - the Blue Jackets are coming off a 100+ point season and they've been consistently making the playoffs the past few years. The Canes are extremely young and inexperienced. But you know what they say about public dogs - they often have fleas.

Hank says, "Pure price action play...the tape is talking."
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PJmarkets702 started this thread J.P. Evans applies old-school stock market strategies to picking sports winners. He has been trading on Wall Street for almost 20 years.

His play for tonight is UNDER 7.5 in the Cubs/Nats series finale. Look for this game to be a tense, low-scoring affair.

Hendricks will pitch for the Cubs. Expect him pick up where he left off in Game 1, when he was dominant in a Chicago victory. His demeanor is perfect for a winner-take-all playoff game on the road in a hostile environment. Hendricks is not a guy who scares easy.

Dusty Baker has not yet announced who will start for the Nats. It'll either be Gio Gonzalez or Tanner Roark. Both are capable of getting the job done and they'll be up against a Chicago offense that is slumping, batting only .159 as a team in the series so far. Expect an all-hands-on-deck "platoon" mentality for Washington. If whoever starts has trouble, Scherzer will be available for a few innings to plug the hole.

Outside of a 4-run burst from the Nats in the 8th inning, yesterday's game was a defensive battle. J.P. feels it will be more of the same tonight, as both teams will be squeezing their bats tight in the big spot. J.P. says Hendricks is almost guaranteed to pitch a gem.

He also says, "Our model spit out 6.83 as a Total...this game will be a grind."
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PJmarkets702 started this thread Good Morning Fellas,

We were forced to break even yesterday, despite going a documented 3-1 in free email picks. That Gators/Aggies game hurt, as it was our biggest monetary play of the day.

Here are three quick-hitters for Sunday:

Browns +9.5 --- Have to fade the Deshaun Watson hype here. Especially when he's facing the most hated team in the league (from a Public perspective).

Patriots -9 --- The only coach in the league who's (almost) more incompetent than Ben McAdoo is Todd Bowles. Don't let this Jet team fool you. They'll get slaughtered today.

Cardinals +1.5 --- Arizona will most likely win outright, but just pass on the ML +105. Take the short number and enjoy the minor upset. The Bucs might turn out to be an even bigger disappointment than the Cards by the end of the season.

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PJmarkets702 started this thread Here's something our group was kicking around during this morning's conference call:

In the NFL, obviously the "key numbers" are 7 and 3 (and in certain cases 10) because games often end with a team winning by a touchdown or field goal. When a spread breaks thru a key number, that move must be given a bit more respect.

What do you think? Is a line going from 6.5 to 7.5 any different than when a line goes from 8.5 to 9.5? It's something our network was debating...

Tonight's Colts/Titans game is floating at a key. It's moved off 7.5 to mostly 7's with juice involved. If the market broke all the way down to 6.5, that would be interesting. But either way, most of us are sitting this one out.

Bonus NHL Action Play: Red Wings +110

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PJmarkets702 started this thread Hi Everyone..

It seems like just yesterday that we were in the dog days of late summer with nothing to bet on except baseball. Now, with football in full-swing and the NBA starting up, this is a busy time of year for professional sports investors.

Make no mistake...the amount of value on a nightly basis in the NBA is nothing short of tremendous.....if you know what to look for.

NOTE: The idea is to make money doing this. This is NOT for fun. If your bankroll isn't growing, then either stop completely or change your strategy.

Tonight, consider playing the Wizards -6.5 in the Association. They'll be in D.C. to host the 76ers.

The noise coming out of Philly is, "the rebuild is complete!!". But that might be wishful thinking, for a variety of reasons. Expect them to look like a Developmental team at times, especially during the first month of the season.

The Sixers were the worst team in the league when it came to turning the ball over last season. They coughed it up 16.7 times per game in 2016. For Washington, John Wall is hungry and rested. He and his teammates are ball hawks, too. In fact, they created more turnovers than any other team in the NBA last year.

One of our sharper sources had a hot take this morning. He said, "Ben Simmons will struggle. Having him on the floor in a starting role right now is worth 2-3 points in the opponent's favor."



For more check out
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PJmarkets702 started this thread You want our advice? Put on a pot of coffee and then bet 20k on the Suns +2.

Some smart people are reportedly beginning to establish a position on them and bite on the 2. It's the late game...last game on the board. An 0-3 Phoenix team will be at home to face the Sac Kings.

Not only are the Suns 0-3, they're dealing with an unhappy Eric Bledsoe who tweeted "I Dont wanna be here" yesterday. This stunt set off a social media firestorm speculating on the mood of the Phoenix locker room as a whole.

The Suns opened as high as -2.5 favorites. Early this morning, the line was steady at -1...they were still the small favorite. But money has been coming in so lopsided in favor of Sacramento that now the Suns are +2. This is a full 4.5 point swing from the opener!!

The timing also matters. Big sharp money would have moved earlier on the Kings if they were really interested. The Bledsoe incident is almost 24 hours old. Our feeling is that dead Public money is responsible for the latest move and this should be taken advantage of.
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PJmarkets702 started this thread We're going to start sounding like a broken record here but....the amount of value available on a nightly basis in the National Basketball Association is nothing short of phenomenal.

Here's why - let's compare the number of games played in the NBA this week to the number of games in the NFL. In the NFL, books have just 13 games to worry about this week. In the NBA, they have 43 games to create and monitor in the same period of time. Oddsmakers are very busy this time of year, to the point that mistakes can and do happen. Taking advantage of those spots can be highly profitable for serious professional bettors.


Pistons PK...hearing tons of noise about the excitement surrounding Minnesota upgrades. And Detroit is the furthest thing from a Public Darling. The game bets itself according to our models.

Rockets -3.5...fading the Sixers could end up burning us this first few weeks of the season. But they have to prove two things 1.) Young talent is for real 2.) Young talent is not only for real, but can gel. Most sharps aren't sold.

Heat +4...biting on the points at home. American Airlines Arena provides an underrated home-court advantage (in the right spot). Never fun to bet against the Spurs, but this Miami roster is chock full of talent.
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