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This is a discussion on binary options within the Fixed Odds & Binary Betting forums, part of the Markets category; Hahaha, that is true the converted do not change their mind often. However I am one of the guys that ...

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Re: binary options

Hahaha, that is true the converted do not change their mind often.

However I am one of the guys that has had a bad experience with other binaries brokers and have just mentioned that I found this one and havent had any issues at present... you are right that may change.

All I know is that is I am going to trade binaries it will be with these not a company based in Cyprus.

Originally Posted by moka2 View Post
Los PInos
"All I know is that I am using them and have had no issues" that does not realy mean everything should be taken for granted do read my questions about transparancy and Market Making conflict as comapred to true Exchange traded Products
Reg IDC..imagine this you wish to use the Binary with thsi mob as a hedge against teh Exchange tarded instrument don;t you need to know that you are comapring apples to apples?
Hence teh question an dteh answer I get from them is IDC is big.. evading the real question
I even asked WIlliam Hill and the FTSE Binary is a mixrure of 100 shares and Futures ,,, again that means it is not REAL FTSE as published by official exchange
May be these guys are better than others but hardly anybody has given a straight answe one guy goes on and on about Taxes and anti regulatory..stance etc
so not much point in keeping the thread going as it is like talking to a religious audiance they are already converted and no matter how logicla the questions are the "believers" won;t listen
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Re: binary options

I understand ...that they may be nioth better than those in other jurisdctions but again transperancy even with this one is bit murky..
read my to the point questions and you will realise.. I was on a creditor's commitee when an AUS OTC broker went belly up with 47 Million of people's money.. and my faith in OTC has diminished.. others perhaps look at a narrow picture.. and avoide the pinted questions with all teh gobbaligoo or do! best of luck
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Re: binary options

Missing badge of shame.
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Re: binary options

Originally Posted by binaryking View Post
@ Moka2 Unfortunately, I do not have my past results on hand...We just recently just tried a new strategy that works well and will begin with a new set of results on 27th of November. If you want to be in the money moka2,I suggest you try us out!! I PROMISE u wont fail with our team! Send us a skype request and you'll see for yourself with the free trial. If your not happy, simply don't subscribe. The ball is in your court moka2..don't miss!!! We're scoring over here @ BOSS SIGNALS
Any body who sells signals and refuses to show any proof FIRST of actual money risked by themselves raises red flags!
If it is so good make your own millions first then sell it to the world!
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Re: binary options

Originally Posted by pboyles View Post
Dear Mr Binaryking

As part of my due diligence I am obliged to ensure that you are not an Australian. Can you please confirm that. Upon confirmation I will send you my money.
C'mon mate what have you got against us lot!
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Re: binary options

my 2 cents on binary options:

binary options appear to be getting pretty popular with day traders. many aspects of their structure are indeed appealing, but i would keep 2 things in mind before trading them:

1.) i've had the privilege of studying derivatives under some professors who are known internationally for their contributions to the field of derivatives research. I won't drop names, but suffice to say that many of you likely own one of their books. in the course 'advanced derivatives' we covered the pricing of various exotic instruments. at the start of each lecture, the prof would give the background story of the instrument and how it was introduced to the market. every exotic instrument had the same story: someone smart would think of something new, the price would appear to be a good deal, the price was not actually a good deal, eventually the broader market catches on, instrument then becomes more efficiently priced. I can't remember if binary options specifically had this story, but i offer this as words of caution. binary options can be useful, especially in managing risk, but it comes down to whether or not you can bet against the market and be right. and if you can do that on average, then there's probably more efficiently priced ways of going about it (e.g. buying stock on margin).

2. there are a few binary option calculators out there, it's a good idea to use them to calculate the implied volatility of binary options before entering trades.

just my humble opinion - thanks,
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Re: binary options

I hope as you say "..eventually the broader market catches on, instrument then becomes more efficiently priced"
AND gets True Exchange traded so all these issues of Transparancy are reduced
Until then there are many red flags...
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Re: binary options

Been playing around with binaries a little. The fees are ridiculous, but im up so far.
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Re: binary options

so wheer are they based? and regulatd any idea?
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Re: binary options

Hello folks,

I've posted this question in a few of the other threads so I hope I'm not considered a spammer. It's just that I don't see my concern addressed anywhere in the forum.

I'm a full time trader in stocks, futures, fx, and options; but I'm a newbie to these binaries.

What has me stuck is the negative expectancy built into the system. A typical max loss seems to be 85-100% of the "investment" (bet, wager, etc.), a typical max win seems to be 70% of the "investment". This is a 15-30% negative expectancy and would require a 55% win/loss ratio just to break even over time.

Now the system sellers and all report much higher win/loss ratios but in the real world, over time, these high win ratios tend to break down. At least that's what I've observed since 1983.

Can you really make a reasonable return on investment over time with Binaries or are they just another form of entertainment like casinos?


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