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Re: Etoro

or you can try they are the same as etoro!
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Originally Posted by allprodo View Post
etoro is not a scam ! Since 2012 everything is going well with them....Its true they had some start problems - but they never scammed anyone!

It is the only way to make passive income... Just copy the top tradest and EARN !
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Etoro Bonus 2013 good luck..
Hmmm IMHO,

I don't think Etoro is any good,

Myself and three friends tested it over 6 or 8 months, and nothing good came of it.

Most users blow their accounts, I have all of documented with empirical proof able evidence to back up what I am saying.

I took screenshots of usernames and performance and then compared it with results 6 months after. It was dismal, more than 90% failed.

Also did another test with over 400 Etoro users, same results, in fact I think that was closer to 96 or 98% blowout.

Of course there will be the odd one out that makes.

Anyway that is just what we saw
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Dear all. A while back some of you kindly got in touch to share your experiences of ZuluTrade, eToro, and Currensee for a newspaper story about the pros and cons of copy trading.

I’m a British freelance journalist.

Rather unprofessionally, real life got in the way over the summer and the research was left on the shelf.

However, I'm belatedly getting round to writing it now – it’s going on the Telegraph.

Again apologies, I don’t normally work like this.

I’ve got some nice views from the US, Algeria and Jordan… the only thing I missing really is more views from the UK which are always good if you write for the UK papers.

Any Brits out there tried using ZuluTrade, eToro, or Currensee. How was it? Brilliant? Rubbish? Did you make any money?

Any views appreciated.

Pls get in touch
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