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What are the best ways to organise a diary of your trades, to include, comments and chart/s ?

Paper or PC ? I guess if the former, could then scan.

I am using excel to record trades and equity curve, which is straight forward, though not sure easiest way to approach a diary with charts.
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Good for you - I've often 'thought' about this but guess needed the proverbial kick-in-the-rear ... so OUCH but thanks!
Would you mind explaining equity curve - not understand really, also not excel user although it takes up disk space.
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I hand write with a pencil in a note book. I just find it quicker and easier than I would typing and it allows me to keep watching the screen as well as record how I feel and what is going on.

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Recently I made the transition from paper to electronic diary.

The main problem I had with a paper diary was adding charts. I found it to be very time consuming.
Using the software below has greatly speeded up the process as now all I need to do is save my charts, then paste them directly to a template I have designed within the programme.

Additionally I have added a Tab to the interface that allows me to access Excel directly without having to change programmes. (The programme allows you to import external Objects)

I find it to be very convenient being able to access all my records from one interface.



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If you have Outlook you can make your diary ewntries in the calender using appointments or task windows. Charts and other objects can be poted in them and cross references made to other dates If you are following a nmber of instruments you can open up windows for eacch on every occasion. Save yourself the $40. Just my 2 pennorth
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Trading Diary -

I currently use paper - a combination/system of folders (Manila files)

I have designed and printed templates/tables for the pages of each folder using MS-WORD. I then fill in my recorded trades & notes in pen/pencil under the relevant headings.

- four sections,( separated by A4 card separator tabs)

- Future Trades Monitor - to record potential future set-ups.
- Open Trades Monitor - to record technical progress of open positions.
- Trade Log - the ledger of completed trades ( entry, stop, exit P/L, risk/reward, etc)
- Inter-market Correlations - to note co-inciding trends.


- printouts of Tech. Analysis; work-in-progress.


- separated into 5 sections : Monthly, Quarterly, Annual , Business Modelling (including equity curve), Projections.


- a thick, comprehensive WORD-written plan of my Trading Venture, listing Software, Suppliers, Education programmes, Expenses, Methodology, Entry/Exit rules, Money Management Rules.


- for recording day-today activity, numbers, addresses, expenses. (AND THE UBIQUITOUS 'TO-DO' LIST)

6) A ROUGH NOTEBOOK for jotting down thoughts, observations, new ideas, etc.


I'm quite comfortable with all these files - all stacked neatly on/near my desk- but I am looking into electronic alternatives.

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hagadol started this thread Eagle Rock - Equity Curve is a record of how your pot is moving, hopefully up, over a time period, perhaps each week.

This includes cash and open positions if liquidated.

You could add the following info:

2% - max risk per trade, in next period (week ?)

6% - max loss you can suffer in next period (week ?) If you reach 6% you stop until period finishes. Spend time in edu instead !

Moving Average - So you can see a more recent curve than all time curve.

Trading expenses - Added mine in depreciating.

This came from suggestions in "Come Into My Trading Room" - Elder.
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Interesting - thank you. This gives me good start for keeping track of all the profits...
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