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You need to pull the trigger. Pick a small amount of capital you risk. Don't see the loss ( as inevitably it will be as -"throwing money down the drain" it;s the start of your learning curve! You wouldn't expect to become a dentist nor architect without experience.!
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Trading is certainly game of risk but with experience, the risk can be minimized. For now, you should just focus on gaining knowledge and with knowledge will come the confidence. Then you can surely go on investing.
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Im just back to trading after a looooong time off.
Last time around i didnt have the knowledge that i should have, lets say that this time im doing it differently,
Started with trade-24 this time, and so far it's going better.

Looking forward to good results...
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Keep going Daniel!
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One word of advice to new members here


using Forums and the many members associated is a little like are going to get people that want to help you and people that dont...........

in life however you can usually move away quickly from the people that are sarcastic and rude and why spend time talking or dealing with them ?

but here on T2win the moderators allow such people to continually snipe and jibe at all the other members long as they are not outrageously rude or post obscene pictures or comments they are allowed to continue their quest to stop people being able to be here in a fairly friendly environment, and be able to focus 100% on learning about trading with no meaningless interruptions

at best think of them like the disruptive children in a classroom - that take away your concentration and valuable time with the teachers and mentors as they rant and rage and pout in the corner............time wasted by the mentors having to talk to them and pacify them and even argue with them whilst valuable time slips away ..............who truly knows the reasons why these people behave as such but they do ..........its allowed here.

the moderators watch but cant act..............I think new members can block comments by such people online

so focus on the good guys and your trading ...........if you have a complaint do not be scared to reach out to the moderators (or experienced members you are following) about other members ...........this is a free and open forum and the moderators want to keep it friendly and get rid of the Children

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Thanks, NVP, good read.
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Thanks NVP for sharing this post.
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That there is no longer anyone there ? the topic is closed
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