'Dogs of the Dow'

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'Dogs of the Dow'

Am a novice and have come across this 'Dogs of the Dow' website - the one where you buy the top 10 dow shares (highest dividend) for a year then sell the lot and buy again. The strategy claims 20% avg annual return.

Has anyone done this one? It seems simple so therefore attractive to me as a beginner as a place to start, but would like to get others feedback first - Also i have little (£1000) to invest so this may also not be the best place to start for that reason - any feedback?

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Hi there

I'm not familar with this strategy. However there is the one step plan from the investors chronicle! On the 1st Oct you buy the worst 10 performing stocks of the S&P 500 over the last 3 years. Then come Sept 30ish the following year you sell and buy the next 10 worst of the last 3 years etc. Over the last 8 years it's generated 176% return per year.

Not bad!!

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It's a very simple, statistically based long term buy and hold strategy that requires a couple of hours work once a year. Suits some, others not. The returns seem to be reasonable, and for the effort put in, exceptional.
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It has produced about 18% returns over last 30 years per annum on average, but that doesnt really guarantee itll work into the future does it tho?
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Plus this method gets quite a lot of publicity now-surely if too many people are using this method then it will render it useless as share prices rocket up in those companies that it will affect-or am i wrong?
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I don't think so. The reason is that it might produce a bit of extra buying pressure on the first day. Price will then pull-back as the short-termers sell for a profit and bring price back to where it started. The ones who are in for the long-term won't care though as their not looking to sell for a year.

What happens after that is probably fundamental based buying

Just my thoughts
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Hmm.....i think ur right

Mind u there must be some sort of potential then for other profits to be made tho due to that sudden increase in volume of shares bought in those companies?
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To me as a newbie, this is very interesting...Volume-lots or lack of.
Isn't this a double edged sword though?
Imagine, 1st of Oct, 1000 people each buy 1000 shares each.
FTSE Beater (Short termers jump in for a quick buck and then it stabilizes and it's over to fundamentals for the rest of the year)

So eventually we all get to the 30th of Sept and guess what, all of a sudden the market gets flooded with 1 000 000 shares for sale...

2 Questions.
1) who will buy all these shares and what an affect is this going to have on the price-I'm looking at the floor here?
2) Did the company float so many shares in the 1st place?
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