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Yes in reality it is not really an option for me.


By any measure making £435K day is more than any trader makes so based on this it is easy to see why it is an attractive option.

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Yeah very intrigued about Jslee's books.

Anyone else want to share their "trading bibles" here?
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Originally posted by jslee
The remaining two are excellent and I wouldn't be without them. They were advertised as get rich quick, but they work for me, so I'm happy.
Just out of [purely academic ] interest...which two?
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Trading Bibles

Sorry...should have read all the post before jumping in with my request (as well) for Jane's 2 'best-sellers'.

Does 'Trading Bibles' deserve it's own thread (if it hasn't already been thrown up elsewhere) or is likely to be too subjective to be of general interest?
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Yes one of Jane's bibles I believe has already been actively discussed on another thread

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Here are a couple of quotes from Reminiscences of a Stock Operator (pages 233-235) that anyone thinking about signing up for one of Darren Winter’s or Vince Stanzione’s so called “trading seminars” ought to take a good hard look at:

“On the other hand there is profit in studying the human factors – the ease with which human beings believe what it pleases them to believe; and how they allow themselves – indeed, urge themselves – to be influenced by their cupidity or by the dollar cost of the average man’s carelessness.”

“The principles of successful stock speculation are based on the supposition that people will continue in the future to make the mistakes that they have made in the past.”

Here’s another quotation, allegedly made by the head of a firm of Management Consultants: “Our clients are fools and it’s our job to relieve them of it as quickly as possible”. Perhaps, he was thinking of a mission statement that would be suitable for a company who’s main line of business was the marketing and selling of “trading seminars”?



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Just for the record my 2 fave books are Winspreads and Power Spike. Both advertised horribly as get rich quick and wouldn't appeal to the scam busters here, but they do have great merit and are simple. If you're nice to me I might post the details or even pdf copies of the books

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