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Re: beginners course

Originally posted by nheath100
I have seen one that I think may be good and I was wondering if anyone had heard of it?

It is from FTS and the founder is Peter Hall. The course is a stock market essentials and they also do a charting course which looks quite good.

I went along to Peter Hall's long week-end FTS seminar back in 1996. I liked Peter and it was good to mix with other newbies for a few days down in Porlock, Somerset.

You get (or got anyway) a fat-ish ring-binder with a lot of basic stuff (just how basic do you want to be?) and it was an enjoybale few days.

Role playing buying options (who the hell buys options for profit???) mainly in HSBC and GSK (seem to remember these were Peter's favourites).

As much as I liked Peter personally, his trading tuition is only for beginners and for the price of his course (whatever it might be now) you could get an awful lot of books that'll give you a thousand times as much payback.

I also heard that he has some (less pernoable) sidekick running the show - so I guess it's up to you.
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i was going to cry when i saw your reply above 'Don't ever go to any course run by Darren Wintors'.

I paid £1450 to go to his seminar last year. I can't exactly say i regret this decision. At the time I had nothing to do and was completely new to the stock market. In a way his seminar sparked my interest in trading, but i've since read an enormous amount of info and have known about people's general scepticism towards this kind of courses.

After becoming more knowledgable with the trading business, i did find much of Darren Wintors lecturing trashy. And I would say Wintors not worthy of even 10% of the course fees. And guess how many people turned up for the event? At least 300. This guy could comfortably makes a fortune out of running the courses without touching the market.

I only found this site this afternoon, and as rightly said by so many of you above, this is THE PLACE to find real knowledge.
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£1450 x 300 = £435K,

Based on the above I will immediatley be pursuing a career in falsely claiming how to make everyone rich overnight.

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too right my friend- him and uncle Vince are the greatest at this game................ Unfortunately i think ur character is far too nice for these kinds of seminars- LOL

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i know how u feel- I have attended those types of seminars before !! and certainly not just one- but at the time i was too naiive and didnt know better-

Just hang in here and u should learn stuff gradual;ly

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"I think general consensus is that anyone who is knocking there guts out trying to sell you there award winnings systems is a dirty rotten lying scoundrel because theyd be spending there time trading otherwise"

So if they were saying don't buy my system its crap, you'd hand over the cash straightway? Simple solution is to try before you buy or make sure you get a money back gurantee. I've bought over 30 books of which 28 were garbage but I got my money back on those. The remaining two are excellent and I wouldn't be without them. They were advertised as get rich quick, but they work for me, so I'm happy.

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We are all dying to ask:
what are the titles of the 2 books you kept??

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