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Many thanks for the detailed illustration of your trades and two good wins. I don't like holding positions even overnight due to bad experience of getting Stops spiked out at the open. Holding over a US holiday weekend would certainly require a steady nerve!
You might just want to check the calculation of the Stops as 25% seems very wide unless they are highly volatile. If they are this volatile then the risk of the Stop being hit would seem high and the loss as a % of your bank enormous.
It would be interesting to know what was the original number of profit points targeted.
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Anyone else with any experience with Flag trader? I was thinking about buying the system and trying it for a month but Guy's webpage is making me think twice. Its the typical blah blah blah with a few letters saying how good it is from people who have apparently bought it and made loads (i did notice one letter was posted twice with slight variations which has made me suspicious.) I also noticed that Guy says he just wants the money and not to have a flashy exciting time earning it but just to sit back and watch the money roll in, I wonder why he is doing seminars and advising people rather than just sitting back and watching his system work for him then? Just the obvious questions that make me think hang on a sec.

Im of the opinion that this system sounds too good to be true, and we all know what that usually means so are there any other traders using this system?
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You need more than one opinion so hopefully other people will comment but I will try to answer some questions. This is in my domain so can speak with great authority on some of your questions as I am a very successful internet marketer.
1. A copywriter will have written this and it is a typical copy as copywriters have been taught. I personally believe its starting to loose its effect and becoming old hat but Ted Nicholas who is the godfather of copywriters is starting to change but not many others. I personally think the copy doesn't do the product justice and the benefits for you and me were not brought out very well hence the blah blah was big and the benefits were sparce. There are also other mistakes which you haven't picked up either.
2. I think when you have something good and you are successful like he is then doing seminars is a way of letting that ego bit out every now and again. But there is another income stream he is trying to set up and that is a residual income i.e do nothing and the money comes rolling in but you have to set this up and people joining his setup will use his software continuously and they will pay a modest yearly fee to do this. So he then achieves what he is setting out to do and what he openly says he wants.
I hope this helps some of your questions from an internet marketing point of view. As for trading im the novice but from my point of view it seems to be working very well. If you think of this as trading then your going down the wrong path. To me its not, I have been shown to do a number of steps to something that is spewed out of a computer programme, if it passes the tests put a trade on it as the results show then wait and watch. It then has a high probability it will work and from my experience so far it does. I know hardly anything about trading but i know how to follow some simple steps. I have probably like you tried many holy grail products . I know as I have been burnt on all except one thing i found which is what i now do ass a living. Guy has taught me what seems a very good working income even though the flag trading is in its infancy.
Hope this helps a little bit
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just had some time to look at the Nasdaq : ANDE trade to see how the prices worked. The entry looked good and it went all the way to 11.17. This one has been falling for a while and would have been a great short when it broke resistance at $30!. It's always easy in hindsight. Depending on the timeframe of the trade the Stops you quote look correct for a daily range as some days showed a near 10% move. I am not familiar with $ trades but have taken it that it's a point a cent on a spreadbet.
Well done, if most are like this, looks like a winner.
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I was wondering what the difference between Flag-Trader-Stock-Consolidation-Chart-Pattern-Trading-Secret-Flag-Trader (£997) and (£1721) is apart from that they seem to be the same system but the price of the system is different. Is one a legit site and the other a con?
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Is Flag Trader Still Performing and Expected?

Hi Paul (pjchalmers),
Some questions and a request for you. Does FT generate Sell as well as buy signal to get you out of the trade or just rely on trailing stops? Can it only be used to trade equities or would futures, options, currencies, indexes and bonds also be possible – thinking of risk reduction here by trading multiple markets? Any chance of a further update on your progress with Flag Trader since last post? An idea of how the system is trading and perhaps details of a few more trades would be very interesting if you can find the time. Thanks for your time and input so far it is appreciated by many of us.

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Hey just wanted to thank pjchalmers for sharing his experience with the Illuminati method with us. I've been debating whether to buy this for a while, and I think you answered my questions. Good luck trading.
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Hi JAYZ1966
The flag trader software is £997+VAT, dont pay anymore. The best bet is to call the number on Guys site and place your order. Im sure there are plenty of people trying to muscle in on Guy' success but dont fall for it.

For the rest of the questions other people have asked:-
1. The flag trader software generates sell and buy signals to enter the trades but you then have a trade management method which he teaches you (obviously i cant say what it is). This is based on trailing stops used in a certain way but the software doesnt tell you this. Guy teaches you how to do this but it takes only a tiny amount of time to set up.
2. This software is solely used for trading stocks but when you start to mix the others e.g options then this is where illuminatii product takes over. But in these market conditions at the moment and looking at it for the considerable future this method is the one to use. Im sorry I dont have the experience on the other items (etc) to give you a more complete answer. I have found and learnt a system without knowing too much about trading and i just use it as i've been taught. But im learning a bit more about trading every day!!
I have had more successful trades with flag trader and will find time in next few days to document some as you have asked but its working. One note of caution is that im taking less profits but guaranteeing them . The swings are so volatile that holding a trade for too long can be very risky now. Im taking a nice profit quickly and then using the trailing stops to grab a bit more if not it cuts me out still with my win in the bag.
Hope this helps, I promise to update you on my last trades in the next few days


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