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Its me again
Just saw some other comments and questions so will try to answer with my limited knowledge or experience.
1. Buying flag trader gives you one year free software access to flag finder after that you pay a yearly subscription which is i think about £500
2. You dont need to sit infront of the computer screen all day just over 1 hr is fine and can be done any time in the day or night. My initial thoughts are before 2.30 pm or after 9p.m only because Dow is then closed and the days candle is formed so easier to see a flag forming or formed.
3. I am using igindex and yes you set upthe trades on your spread betting account in advance they only trigger if all the criteria are met, if the trade is a dud tand the stock moves the wrong way then you havent lost anything as you didnt trigger it, so onto the next one.
4. Igindex also has a great text system so you can actually simply put in an alert to you mobile if a trade is triggered or hits a certain level, no need to keep checking.
5. Im a newbie to trading but not a newbie to trying other trading packages and been totally dissapointed and led up the garden path e.g pure matrix . Flag trader is not like this so on this point im talking from a position of knowledge.
5. I will keep you informed of my progress
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Hi heckmondwike

I will answer your questions on main site so others benefit.
1. the flag finder software identifies potential trades only, you have to do the rest, assessment risk profile is your job. But let me make it clear there are four more steps to do the software does the first one you do the others. They are very easy there is no ifs or buts its mechanical not guesswork just follow his exact steps. If there is a flag identified you check with the other 4 points to see if it passes the test. These points are easy to do and the answers to some of these tests are also actually available with the answer for you by checking certain data on other free websites, i would say it takes about 4 to 5 minutes to assess everything about an identified flag as to whether you want to trade it. this includes the exact entry exit and stop points I realise im making it sound very easy like a 123 guide but it actually is. I understand why guy makes everyone sign a very detailed confidentiality agreement as i could teach you these steps now all i would not have is the initial identification software, thats why you must go with Guy to get this.
2. Using igindex you set up all the necessary entry exit and stop points before the trade starts so you know your risk and profit targets before you start. Ig actually allows a 24p a point bet so the losses if you get them are small. The thing is if the flag hits and passes the 5 steps then the chance of it working is huge as you have set up a trade that has so many things in its favour the chances of failure are small.
3. I have placed two trades so far and both won. I see this lady jc has paper traded and won £1000 not a surprise if she has applied the steps before entering a trade.

Hope this helps


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Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I would be very interested in your trading results over the next week or so. I have noticed that you recommend Flag Trader over Illuminati Trader. What's the difference between the two? Is Illumninati Trader for more advanced users?

Many thanks, Heckmondwike07
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I will keep this forum posted with results and we will see if or if not this really is something good. I am a very system/logical person and the reason i said flag trader over illuminati is that after 3 hrs of illuminati my head had gone even though i gained a lot of knowledge but with flag trader after 3 hrs i knew exactly how to do it and was confident to switch on a computer and be able to start immediately. It doesnt actually need any previous knowledge of trading as you just let the software do its work and then just do 4 more simple steps. Dont get me wrong illuminati is powerful but needs more training to be able to use it confidently but he gave me the illuminati training dvds as part of the seminar so i will learn and do as well i have no doubt it will make me a far better trader. They seem to go hand in hand and using both will make getting profits even easier. To start flag trader has to be the one to take but i think after a while of success you would naturally want to incorporate illuminati. I believe you can use the illuminati trading method on options to almost cover a loss if a flag trade suddenly reverses to mitigate any loss, if it does it almost makes flag trading virtually loss free but im not sure of this point so dont quote me on this one until i investigate more.
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Great to hear your experience has been positive and it would be very helpful if you can quote actual trades. Presumably you are allowed to do that as it would be after the event. Ticker, entry, stop, and limit would be interesting to see.
People have different views on risk but anything over 1% becomes exponentially more dangerous as drawdowns do happen. Betting just 25p a point with a 30 point stop is a 1.5% risk on a £500 bank. I prefer to look at it this way as £7.50 doesn't sound like much but as the stakes move > 1% of bank becomes significant, so I view 1.5% as the upper limit. Preservation of capital is crucial and I do know from bitter experience!
Happy trading.
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No probs i have two further trades on at the moment and both are winning i will detail them when i close them. May have made a little error though as I placed these trades yesterday not realising it was thanksgiving today/tomorrow, but im up so lets hope this doesnt affect this too much adversely as volume has plummeted.
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Thought this might be interesting to those that have not spotted it on another board, Illumanati Trader.

best regards

Hi there

This is Guy. I don't make a habit of going on message boards but your post was somehow on Google and I was intrigued!

The answer to your question is that I created Illuminati Trader at the beginning of 2006 in anticipation of great uncertainty and volatility in the markets.

The method is based upon trading volatility, not direction. I'm an options specialist and have traded volatility successfully for many years. My methods originate from my academic studies, my software applications, and my hard won battles in trading!

What I'm looking for are stocks that (a) have a news announcement coming but where the outcome is not known, (b) are displaying consolidating chart patterns, (c) have reasonably priced options premiums which I calculate in a number of ways with varying levels of sophistication. Now that sounds straightforward, but without the right set of tools, just finding one candidate stock could literally take days.

I created the brand new software so I could take advantage of the increasing volatility that I was anticipating. All this forms the basis of Illuminati Trader. With this tool I can find candidate opportunities with ease and within minutes.

Part of the product features a filter for flag/consolidation patterns, which is excellent and even if my traders want to take it slow with the options strategies, they can simply trade the flag patterns which has been particularly well received.

You'll see that my publisher is the FT and clients licensing software from me include NYSE Euronext. The trading figures in the marketing pieces are my own audited figures which were required particularly in the US.

An obvious question is "why license such a valuable tool?" A number of reasons. First, two different traders will find different opportunities appealing, therefore there are no liquidity issues with the application of the method. Ultimately I use the software application and it continues to be improved for both mine and my students benefit.

I hope this addresses your questions adequately. Unlike some out there I don't put myself on a pedestal and I'm pretty approachable within reason. I also place a lot of value on support and have a full time team based in the US.

You can never underestimate the feeling of reading an unsolicited email from someone writing in to thank you for a great trade they've made or how you've improved their life in some way. Because of this I'll certainly release more training products in the near future, especially now I know how to use the presentation software!

If you want to contact me directly I'll be happy to answer your questions. Email me on

All the best


Originally Posted by intercreate
Has anyone heard or used of the system promoted by Guy Cohen called Illuminati Trader System?

From reading the information on the site in the link I gather the system most likely involves spreads and most likely the futures market?

Kind Regards

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Ok update as requested i did 3 trades one didnt hit the entry point and went the opposite way so no entry therefore no loss. The two remaining trades were successful but chickened out when both got to 100 points as per my comment re thanksgiving. But another £50 approx so thats over £100 in four trades. Details as requested Stock CPRT entry point 24.65 profit take 23.65 stop set at 26.97. Stock ANDE entry point 12.86 profit take 11.86 stop set at 16.03. This one was a bit wierd as it gapped, then hit the trade then went down and hit the profit point.
Now i realise my stops were at about 220 points and just over three hundred. This doesnt make sense as the pot i therefore risked was very high, but i have only a small amount of capital to play with and have rigourously applied Guys criteria. The problem is if i had lowered the stop 1. it wouldnt have complied with his tried and proven method and 2. I risked stop outs if the market moved only slightly the wrong way. I think i will now most probably trade the 10 to 15 $ stocks for a while so lowering my stop spread until i increase my pot which thankfully has increased by 20% in two days. A bit risky i know.
By the way the response from Guy doesnt amaze me his is friendly helpful and knows he has a winning system. Having met him his response sums him up nicely.
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