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Originally Posted by byrleybiz View Post
Hello everyone! I am a novice trader who is trying to find out whether anyone has heard of Guy Cohen and/or his Illuminati Trading System? Thanks in advance.
Hi byrleybiz, i recommend that you dont waste you money or time with trading systems that you need to pay for. I am a firm beliver of that making a trading system is very very simple, the main problem is the trader itself. If you have disispline and follow whatever trade system that you make u will make money.

There is a reason why Trader1: dont make money with a system and Trader2: make lots of money with the same system. Its all about the trader and if he really belives in the system he is using.

I can give you the holy grail, but if a tell a new trader that trade it his way and u will make money, he will for sure loose money.I know it sounds weird, but thats how it is.

And another thing,people who write books and promise you riches are usualy failed traders who never got to be profitable, there is nothing wrong with their system but they themself dident belive in it and hence they fail. The human mind is a funny thing, even if u get served a good system it will take alot of time and work to make your mind believ that the system will actualy work.But if this trully is what is promises then hats of for him, but for each person that have something legitimit, there are 1million others that are out to grab your hard earn cash.

My suggestion for you is to spend alot of time on these forums and take your time to go true all the information that is available and learn from it and ask the members here that are making money and can point you in the right direction, there is no such thing as free money, everything have to be worked for. ANd that is also true for trading, i am trully now trying to be negative or break your spirit, i just want you to focus your time and money in the right direction and not into a holy grail system.Cause i have also been into that road and i dident really get anything out of it.¨

There are alot of free systems here on this forum that you can use and modify to you own preference and use it on a simulator account until you fell comfy wtih a system and then go for it. Just make sure to have a sound moneymanagment and plan, you can find alot of post about it in the forums.

I wish you the best wished m8, and nothing will make me more happy then seeing with great success in your new career.

Dont hasistate to to ask me anything you are wondering about, i will do my best to answer.

With kind regards
Bashir Naimy
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Hi there
I have purchased the flag trader software and it looks good - it comes with 8CD's and apart from the system also talks about trading pshychology. I believe this system is logical and simple enough for anyone to use as long as you exercise discipline in your trading plan - entry, take partial profits and exit. The CD's go thru this in details and also lots of trading examples.
all the best
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Thanks June.

Did you buy the system directly from Guy Cohen or via one of publishers? Have you completed the training yet and started to trade?

I'm very interested in purchasing this system so I would be interested in your feedback.

Thank you for your advice.

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Hello Julie,

Thank you for your posting.

I will be interested in your feedback about placing trades once you have completed your Flag Trader training.

Many thanks in advance,

Rgds, Heckmondwike07
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I bought it from Bruce at

I have nearly done the training and will start paper trading in a week or so. The material is really good/simple and Guy's response to emails and queries is very prompt. I am very impressed with the service.
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Thanks Jchohan,

Keep us posted with your trading updates.
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Just wondering if you've managed to place successful trades following your course completion.

Is system worth time/money for a newbie investor?

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JCHohan hasn't responded since August, so its fair to assume that this system does not work!
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