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Originally Posted by chizi View Post
Hello All,

I ve looked at different prop firms that offer training but am looking for more input before parting with my money! So far FTC's Global Trading Community seems to be the most well rounded (at least in terms of providing info). I'm looking specifically to train to become a trader independently and willing to pay. Done some reading but I would feel more comfortable talking to somebody who actually does it themselves.If any one knows any other prop firms, than those mentioned on the list here;would be greatly appreciated.
Originally Posted by disconnect8teen View Post
I am planning to take on FTC's Global Trading Community 3 Month Training Program. They charge 5000 pounds. Is it worth it? I am a business Graduate. What is the credibility of this training in the market??? Will I be able to get placed/job in a salaried position post this training???

Please, please suggest. Anyone has done this training, also please reply?

Have you guys attended the Golable Trading Community programme yet? Wish you hadn't. As this programme along with those similar ones: amplify trading etc. are really naive and ridiculous.
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Originally Posted by BSD View Post

Trader Dante said it perfectly already here:

"Thought I would just have a quick rant because I see so many posts along the lines of "I really want a job as a trader but I've got no experience..."

Guess what? Traders trade.

Is it really hard to get experience buying and selling when nowadays you can open a trading account in under five minutes?

I don't think it even matters if you lose money, the fact you BOTHERED to do something; to try and actively learn will stand in your favour.

If you want to be hired by firm you need to demonstate INTEREST.

I tell you what it was so disheartening to sit in rooms taking tests with hundreds of graduates who p*ss all over me when it comes to maths ability and then hear them outside in the reception area saying: "God, did anyone know what the price of a barrel of oil is? And what about where the FTSE closed at? I didn't think of checking that in the FT this morning..."

I sat through test papers with a blank look on my face because I'm not that quick - I can't tell you the answer to 1457 X 19 in 8 seconds but I can tell you the closing price of close to 80 markets, what moves them and ways to trade them profitably.

Seriously; I'm gobsmacked: You're interested in the markets but you don't know what the price of oil is? You don't know where the S&P last closed at? Give me a break.

Why do you want a job as a trader? Because it offers the potential to make a huge amount of money and be a big swinging d*ck or because you are genuinely interested in the markets, the way they move and how to use your own skill and judgement to profit from them?

If its the former then you might as well give up now because the odds are stacked against you unless you really want it enough and I believe the desire to make money is not enough. I strongly believe you have to LIVE the market to be a very profitable trader and the only thing that is going to get you through the hard times - the stress, the worry, the fear and all the rest - is the love of it.

I have a feeling thats why the traders I know that are taking home £250,000 a week are still coming in at 7am every morning and leaving at 9pm at night when they could be sitting on a beach sipping Pina Coladas.

Just my 0.2 cents."

This business is about making money, nothing else.

The guy / girl who can make the mostest with the smallest drawdown (OK the second part depends on the outfit / clients you're looking to trade funds for) will get an interview where-ever / whenever they want.
That's a great post by TD.
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