Becoming an intuitive trader

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Becoming an intuitive trader

Intuitive trading is the height of trading as an art form. Only traders with many years of successful trading experience should attempt to subjectively trade the markets. Trading markets without rational, price action analysis is often just gambling on an irrational emotional feeling. There must be an objective reason for every market action. If there is none, then a subjective approach is being used to trade the markets.

Beginning traders will lose money over 95% of the time subjectively trading markets because their emotional responses are perceiving price action irrationally. A solid price-analysis based trading approach is the best education for a beginning trader. This may even include the use of indicators, which is why I presented them in my books. Until you are somewhat intuitive as trader it is better to go with some form of technical analysis. After years of technical trading experience, the successful trader will know when and how his methodology will fail under specific market conditions. The master trader becomes a master trader by taking consistent repetitive actions under specific market conditions recognized by the master.

There are inherent drawbacks in assuming hypothetical trading system results can be duplicated in actual market trading. The biggest of these drawbacks is that the hypothetical protective stop loss order was not in the market. Locals key off helpless protective stops in the markets like sharks sensing the smell of blood in the water. A $600 real time stop for a system trade may have been picked off by the locals, but a hypothetical system trade may have shown the trade as a $5,000 profit because the hypothetical protective stop was never in the market. Trading using pattern recognition will produce the best results for most traders. This is the goal of most neural network software: to isolate consistently profitable patterns for individual markets. However, it has been my experience that what you see with your own eyes is infinitely better than what the computer sees with its limited vision.

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I make these posts for general readership. I do not now nor ever have expected other traders to do what I do. Trading is something that has to be personalized. My hope is that what I post may be helpful to many traders who use the forum. Ultimately, trading has to become your own.
If whatever you are doing works for you, then keep doing it.
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