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Old Jun 5, 2004, 8:14pm   #16
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Skim you old sleuth you No invite to the mystery weekend for you
"I have the trading edge"
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Old Jun 6, 2004, 3:45pm   #17
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Boy is that Skimvestigator sharp !

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Old Jun 6, 2004, 5:57pm   #18
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I've noticed this happening several times! People creating different users... what is the point in that? The only reason I can think is that they are up to no good. People that the old skimvestigator detects as having the same IP should be automatically band as they aren't the sort of characters we want around these boards!
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Old Jun 11, 2004, 6:45pm   #19
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rockrat started this thread yes i posted both.
i am however the "friend" that the system was purchased for. I was offered the system by Jackie through contact via my website, and after much conversation and time, said that if i could be convinced by proof (banking statements etc) then it would seem silly of me not to get involved wouldnt it? if everything being said was true after all.
Long story short, i have not got 5k, even though i do feel that enough convincing evidence was shown to me.
I kindly offered to attempt to help recover some of the losses, as i felt guilty that i may have mislead jackie into getting the system on my behalf.
So, i suggested i would take the time on Jackies behalf to mention it here using jackies own words, under that name, as well as send a mail to those from my site saying the same.
The contact address under jackies profile is not mine, it goes direct. I dont know if it is still available or has now been sold.

Sorry to disapoint all those that like a "good scandal", or just generally have a go.
Proof to this for me really has been the amount of people that have actually e-mailed me recently and agreed with my own thoughts, i.e whilst this site is probably the best Uk site for trading info and combined knowledge, it takes forever to sift through to get what you need, and some of the replies given to those that are newbies and genuinley dont understand can be sarcastic and generally offputting.
seems plenty others share my thoughts on this.

If i was "up to no good" then i would not openly put my personal details on both this site and my own. I am a normal guy looking to learn, making mistakes and trying new things out. Possibly, i am the one that has been "taken" here, as i was the one offered this system. My own concience (spelt wrong i am sure) is what made me offer to help Jackie recover the supposed loss. Since i have heard no more from Jackie maybe it was too good to be true, who knows. At least i did not lose anymore cash, my trades are doing that well enough!!

It is a fact of life that those that actually do something tend to get knocked by those that wish they had, or could or should have. I have taken the time to offer a helping start for those beginners that feel the need for it and appreciate the support.

To those that have offered support via mail i thank you, please keep visiting.
To the rest that like a good old "slagging off" , i dont mind being this weeks target. Roll on next week - something new.
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Old Jun 11, 2004, 8:26pm   #20
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as I understand it, a person bought a trading software package for you.
( in the grounds it was very good ).
you cant afford the 5K fee.
so you want to sell it on to someone else. to help your friend out of a predicament.

I find nothing wrong with any of the above,

Rockrat, you are right, that people tend to be suspicious about these things.
Dont let that worry you.

May I put another spin on it ?
If your friend is really confident this system works, then he/she hasnt really "lost" the money !
If they have two systems, all it means is thta it will take twice as long to cover their costs.
( if you have spent 5K on a system, and you anticipate break even in 4 months.
If you bought it twice, it will take 8 months to break even - ie cover the cost of buying the system ).

The only time you should think of "lost" money, is when you feel you have bought a dud.

If there is high confidence in the system, you should noe thinking of "lost" money - only how long you have to wait before it pays for itself.

Whatever happens, dont stop posting, and dont be put off by a few suspicious people amidst a lot of positive people.

have a good weekend.
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Old Jun 11, 2004, 8:43pm   #21
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rockrat started this thread well thanks trendie.
a sense of good will and duty is the reason why i offered to help recover the costs "lost" on my behalf.
Part of Jackies reply to me at the time i said i could not afford it was that it didnt really matter, goldline was earning enough to cover it. But as i said, good consience meant i felt i had to try.
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Old Jun 11, 2004, 9:36pm   #22
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So "Jackie " would not be connected with you then? wife relative etc.

I had a thought I wonder if you live in a house called "Tall Trees"
"I have the trading edge"
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Old Jun 11, 2004, 9:39pm   #23
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rockrat started this thread no, not my wife, yes my last house was called tall trees. point?
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Old Jun 11, 2004, 9:42pm   #24
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Just checking
Of course jackie could always agree to provide the purchaser of the system the same proof that you were shown on the success of the system. I know I would if it meant getting back £3k for it
"I have the trading edge"
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Old Jun 11, 2004, 10:25pm   #25
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rockrat, You can see why someone would get suspicious of a person posting with two different IDs on the same ip. Especially when the other ID only makes 1 post and that is to sell something?

Anyway, I do admire your honesty with your website. It is very brave to be so open about your market related activities. I know that I would feel too embarrassed ever to post here if I showed all the trades that I have ever made! Believe me, your list of bets looks positively glowing in comparison to what I did to my account in the not too distant past.

If I were you though mate, I would stop using BetOnMarkets and start leaning more towards Direct Access and CFDs. The market has a lot of noise and by using stop losses and orders you can protect yourself from a lot of harm. It would also be easier to incorporate money management. Its only when you approach the markets in a calm business like manner do you start to succeed.
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Old Jun 12, 2004, 4:05pm   #26
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rockrat started this thread i agreee entirely pkfryer. my trades so far have been dire, but if others are as shocked as i, then hopefully it will have two effects.
1. other beginners will see and no doubt be able to associate with the same mistakes
2. somebody may take pity on me and offer some help.

if you read my page on BetOnMarkets then i do say that the pricing is high, the issue i have is that with a small trading capitol i seem to have very few choices, this was one that seemed to be working. (i actually had my balance up to £1700 at one point).
As far as i can see, options and CFD's seem to be the way to go, but i need a minimum of say 3k to open accounts it seems.
am i correct?

DC, i agree 100%. Jackie should do exactly that.
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Old Jun 16, 2004, 8:23pm   #27
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1. What is better... to accept a lost at a bad operation, or to open a hetch of 18 points?
2. Which are the coins... (EUR, GBP, AUD, CHF... etc vs USD) that move more in the market?

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