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Good Insightful article. Thanks!
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Another thing to look out for before entering a trade is the strength of a trend and price volatility, i.e. IDENTIFY PRICE CONDITIONS FIRST: Overall when to trade and when not to. 'Small' trends with lagging moving averages, e.g. 15pip trends on m5 EurUsd with EMA50, might produce false signals.
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Excellent article,simple but effective. Through my limited trading experience (12 months) I've discovered that you must tailor your own trading plan based on logical technical fundamentals and taking notes from articles by experienced traders such as Sam, Phil Newton and Nick MacDonald name a few.
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This uses a 50 period moving average. In this case what is the period?
I must assume that different markets (i.e. indexes, stocks, etc or scalper, day trader) are best suited to different 50 period averages.

Is there a general rule that is best when choosing the 50 period average?
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Thanks Sam

Excellent article --been trading for 12 months and never realized this simple concept. This is going in to my trading plan.
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Thanks, Sam!

At the tender age of 62 I am novice trader, but my intention is to become a professional trader trading my own account.
Since I started I have made just about every mistake in the book and lost most of my account. I have looked at BB's, Williams, Donchian Channels, RVI .... you name it. It's driven me round the twist, but I haven't given up and after many hours of learning, research and trading etc I now realise the value of trading with the trend - now my account has started growing again.
Sam your areticle is a breath of fresh air. As from now I will apply your suggestions (maybe with macd) - I just need to nut out what an 'end of trend' looks like and then my personal rule book will be complete.
Thanks once again.
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great article, thanks!
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thank you so much

ive been reading your articles and watching your videos on youtube. Im understanding supply and demand more and more thanks to you!
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