Liquid Millionaire, drying up?

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sounds like a waste

sigmund1 started this thread Page 14 Liquid Million...Brother Stephen writes “Many people want to know how many hours I have put into learning my craft. Since 1999 my estimate is over 20,000 hours and of course this number keeps increasing week on week.”

Found on ISACO’s web site their Long Term Performance record over 18 years is 121%.

Our Nan says, Sounds like a waste of 20,000 hours when an SP500 tracker returned around 30% more!
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oh no,not again

sigmund1 started this thread Recall my message 16...the Brothers Sutherland belong to the Church of William O'Neil.

Not happy with the original CANSLIM Fund's performance...who would be?

We now find another CANSLIM Fund, for those who are interested it's called FFTY.

They tell us it's an ETF and it comprises of the Top 50 Strongest stocks that make the CANSLIM formula.

Well, that has to be good news...doesn't it?

Well not quiet...oh Double Pooh Sticks!

Since inception this Super Duper ETF Fund hasn't exactly out performed.

To be honest, it's a dog. Woof, Woof.

Will this ETF go the same way as the original fund?

Our Nan say's she not holding her breath!

ps, where's the AUDIT?
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you must be kidding

sigmund1 started this thread Page 154, How To Make Money In...

We find Brother Stephen explaining, "How to Spot Market Tops".

Really, Brother Stephen, you need to take a reality check.

You must have forgot how well you timed the 2007 market top.

Recap, you advised your clients to EXIT 8 FULL MONTHS BEFORE THE TOP IN OCTOBER!

You advised your clients to get back in, March 2008 just in time to catch the markets worldwide falling off a cliff.

Seems to anyone with more than 2 brain cells that you can't spot market tops or bottoms.

Our Nan thinks you could'nt spot a fly on the end of your nose.

And where's that AUDIT.
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Reality Check 2

sigmund1 started this thread This just gets weirder and weirder, even I am having trouble believing what I am reading in the Sutherland’s book's and I went to spec savers!

Page 84, How to Make Money In ISA ‘s etc etc

“Our aim is to help our clients beat the NASDAQ COMPOSITE”.

Now hold that thought.

Page 14, same book...

”My Best Year was 2009, when I returned 56.4%”


Nasdaq Composite returned 57% during 2009.

The QQQ’S returned 65.87%. 2009.

Even your best year you failed to beat the Index's.

Looks like the Index’s gave you a thick ear again.

Remind me, what is it you have to offer?

Oh do prey tell.

Our Nan say’s it about time you pair got a proper job and where’s that bloody AUDIT.
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read em and weep

sigmund1 started this thread I've got this charting programme, it's got this thingy on it that when I hover the mouse over a date, left click, hold down and drag, it tells me what the percentage change on the price chart is...Don't know about you but I think that's proper cleaver!

So I did just that on a chart of the SP500, Nasdaq Comp and the DJI.

My start date was December 31 1997 and my end date was 31 December 2015.

Good grief, what a coincidence, just happens to be the exact dates anyone can find on ISACO's web site under their long term performance record.

According to ISACO, their long term TOTAL RETURN WITH DIVIDENS between these two dates is 121%.

I can tell you, I was dead impressed and no kidding either!

But wait a minute, my percentage draggy mouse toolbar icon thingy tells me that the...

DJI returned 140%...SP500 returned 133%...Nasdaq Comp returned 253%.

I tell you, I nearly fell out of my seat, but what nearly gave me a tachycardia episode was that my chart % did NOT INCLUDE DIVIDENDS, unlike ISACO's return.

The Index's simply out performed ISACO's performance and without including dividends.

Our Nan say's...does ISACO come with a wealth warning?

And where's that bloody AUDIT?
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Warren Buffett

sigmund1 started this thread A passively-managed investment strategy will deliver better results in the long-run than those achieved by most investors – whether individual or institutional – who use high-fee active managers....Warren Buffett.

Our Nan say's could you remeind her how much you charge per year for your Fund Tipping service?

And where's that ruddy Audit.
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I like it

sigmund1 started this thread I'm having a lot of fun with my click and drag, pointy icon percentage calculator thingy.

And guess what, I just couldn't resist it.

I know I've done it before on ISACO'S 18 year performance record and boy was that crap.

So I was wondering if the Brother's Paul and Stephen were having better luck on shorter time periods.

Both the brovers are very obliging because on their web site they tell us their 7 year performance record ending December 31, 2015 was, wait for it...drum roll, marching band, ring the church bells, ticker tape, light the fires...11.5% pa.

Crickey, I can hardly contain myself, where's the gents?

Anyway, my percentage calculator thingy tells me that the...

Nasdaq Comp returned 18% pa and the SP500 returned 13.9% pa for exactly the same time period.


Long term, short term the brothers just can't keep up.

I tell you I'm really gutted for them.

Our Nan's baking a chocolate cake and say's she can't be bothered with that pair of silly bolloks today!
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sigmund1 started this thread Brother Stephen uses William O’Neil’s method called MARKET PULSE and the BIG PICTURE to judge the “MARKETS HEALTH”. But how accurate is this method?

Crystal Bull, Pragmatic Trader, Thomas Bulkowski and Stock Checklist have all independently tested this method and all have one thing in common when it comes to accuracy...IT DOSEN'T WORK!

Crystal Bull has an in depth look on their web site of the 2007 Bull Market Top and IBD's real time market calls as the Credit Crunch Crash unfolded.

IBD got it wrong time and time again.

This was the real reason Brother Stephen ended up costing his clients a 45% loss.

Our Nan say's you two are just a couple of Lurkers and need to grow a pair. AUDIT!

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