Liquid Millionaire, drying up?

This is a discussion on Liquid Millionaire, drying up? within the Educational Resources forums, part of the Commercial category; The Sutherland’s seem to have an almost evangelical fervour towards Bill O’Neil found in both their books. Stephen and Paul ...

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read em and weep

sigmund1 started this thread The Sutherland’s seem to have an almost evangelical fervour towards Bill O’Neil found in both their books.

Stephen and Paul are really impressed with the founder of the CANSLIM method of trading, that’s because rumour has it that you can get very, very rich using it.

Supposedly O’Neil made a ton of money in the bull market of the early 1960’s following a system previously used by Nick Darvas in the bull market of the late 1950’s.

I mean, lets face it, making money in a bull market. If you can’t do that it’s time to buy a cash ISA!

So, this CANSLIM method is the dogs nuts.

Would'nt it be great if there was a CANSLIM FUND, we could just buy it, sit back and make a Zillion quid.

Well Brother, it’s good news time, there is a CANSLIM FUND, Hallelujah.

It’s called CANGX.

Morningstar tell us it’s a mid cap growth fund...(message for Steven Sutherland...IT’S NOT THE FTSE)

But Wait, lets look at the returns of Vanguard’s Mid Cap Growth Fund

No, no, no that can’t be!

Vanguard outperforms the CANSLIM Fund around 3% Per year.

Oh Pooh Sticks...the Passives win again.
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Soft in the Head

sigmund1 started this thread Quotes from Warren Buffett.

1. Trying to time the market. “People that think they can predict the short-term movement of the stock market — or listen to other people who talk about (timing the market) — they are making a big mistake,” says Buffett.

2. Trying to mimic high-frequency traders. Buying stock in a good business and hanging on for the long term, he says, is a better strategy than flipping stocks like a short-order cook flips pancakes.

3. Paying too much in fees and expenses. There’s no reason to pay an expensive management fee to invest in a mutual fund when super-low-cost index funds that mimic large indexes like the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index are available, he says.

“If they’re trading actively they’re making a big mistake”...Adam Shell, USA TODAY 6:06 a.m. EDT October 26, 2013.

Quotes from the Sutherlands...Liquid Millionaire. Page 1.

"Switch out of the market when the trend is down".

"You do not buy index tracker funds because it is possible to beat the index’s if you know what you are doing".

Well, you got to hand it to the Sutherland Brothers they think they know better than the greatest investor of all time.

Not only better but recommend doing exactly the opposite!


Our Nan say’s, they're soft in the head.
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sigmund1 started this thread Below a message from Steven Sutherland going back 3 years. You can find 59...July 2013.

The Sutherlands have had 3 years to make this promise good and as much as I look I just can't find any audited account of their performance.

Brother Paul and Brother Stephen must be very busy people with their charity work!

"After consulting with our finance director, and in the interest of our clients, prospects and future clients we feel it would be best that if we were to officially audit Stephen’s ISA Stocks and Shares ISA account, it would be best conducted by one of the four largest accountancy companies in the UK. The result of this would be a completely unbiased and transparent audit. I will be signing off now as I feel we have covered all the points brought up.

Please post future comments and questions to my personal email account paul (at)

Also as I’ve mentioned on quite a few occasions now, if you prefer please feel free to call me on 0870 757 8554.
ISAs is offline Other (Please email T2W with details) Report Post Like ISAs's Post Reply With Quote"

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Psst, want know a secret

sigmund1 started this thread Want to know how the Sutherlands pick their funds?

Brother Paul and Brother Stephen call it a "secret formula" 98 LM.

Our Nan calls it something else!

1. The fund must have outperformed the Nasdaq over the last 1 and 3 years.
2. Must be a big market cap.
3. Must have long term management.
4. Style 95% long.
5. Not all in one sector.

Our Nan just said... "to remind you about the AUDIT"
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how can that be?

sigmund1 started this thread Page 146 Liquid Millionaire...

“On Feb 28, 2007 my clients and I exited the market”...."the trend had changed from an up trend to a down trend”.

BUT WAIT...on page 14 in their 2nd book How to Make Money In...

“My worst year was in 2008 when I made a loss of -42.3%”.


If you were out the market in 2007 how could you make such a large loss in 2008?

Our Nan a silly boy on a Sunday he must have got back into the market just as it tanked....( rye smile, tut, and roll the eyes)

There’s no flies on our Nan!

Oh, our Nan just said...DON’T FORGET THE AUDIT.

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never count your chickens

sigmund1 started this thread Glen, an ISACO client back in 2008 had some good luck and wanted to share it.

“WOW...Just letting you know ISA and SIPP at new far your healthy call has been spot on! of the funds I chose is up 8.5% Jupiter Managers European Opportunities”.

Cue the cheerleaders...Go Glen, Go Glen!

Unfortunately for Glen his euphoria was a tad premature and just a few short weeks later the markets started to really tank south in a big big way....wiping some 50% off of the price.

Is this what’s called irrational exuberance, first the pleasure then the pain.

We know that the markets recovered as they always do, but what about Glen did he recover!

Glens healthy call was 25 APRIL 187 LM.

That’s a bit like going to the beach just before the Tsunami hits or being told, it’s safe to go back in (twin towers)

So, Brother Stephen got his clients out the market 8 months to soon and got them back in right in the middle of credit crunch...ouch, that's gotta hurt!

But what about the Jupiter Fund...since the 2009 bottom it has been well and truly done over by the SP Index.

Our Nan say’s they all sound like a bunch of Wally’s.

Paul, our Nan also say’s...WHERE’S THE AUDIT?
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sigmund1 started this thread Our Nan was on her lap top, she took a mooch at ISACO's web site.

She noticed that when Brother Stephen compares ISACO'S performance to the FTSE100 he's left out the FTSE Dividends.

Our Nan says, if you don't include the Dividends it makes you like a bunch of Cowboys!

I showed our Nan page 3, LM book, Quote..."In Maths I remember getting an F"

Our Nan wonders what he got in Common Sense!
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Buffett's Million Dollar Challenge

sigmund1 started this thread Guru Stephen say's..."you do not need to buy index tracker funds because it is possible to beat the index's if you know what your doing". (page 1. LM)

Warren Buffett say's... "my advice is simple, just buy a low cost SP500 Index Tracker"

My question is, why didn't the Guru Brothers take Buffetts Challenge?

Our Nan say's, "that's obvious"

Our Nan also says to remind you, WHERE'S THE AUDIT?
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know all, know nothing.

sigmund1 started this thread "There's nothing wrong with a Know Nothing Investor who realizes it.
The problem is when you are a Know Nothing Investor but think you know something"...Warren Buffett.

"Because of my absolute certainty and belief in my abilities, I decided to bet the ranch"...Brother 10, LM.

"I blame the parents"...our Nan.

Brother Paul...where's the AUDIT?...Our Nan.
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sounds like a waste

sigmund1 started this thread Page 14 Liquid Million...Brother Stephen writes “Many people want to know how many hours I have put into learning my craft. Since 1999 my estimate is over 20,000 hours and of course this number keeps increasing week on week.”

Found on ISACO’s web site their Long Term Performance record over 18 years is 121%.

Our Nan says, Sounds like a waste of 20,000 hours when an SP500 tracker returned around 30% more!
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oh no,not again

sigmund1 started this thread Recall my message 16...the Brothers Sutherland belong to the Church of William O'Neil.

Not happy with the original CANSLIM Fund's performance...who would be?

We now find another CANSLIM Fund, for those who are interested it's called FFTY.

They tell us it's an ETF and it comprises of the Top 50 Strongest stocks that make the CANSLIM formula.

Well, that has to be good news...doesn't it?

Well not quiet...oh Double Pooh Sticks!

Since inception this Super Duper ETF Fund hasn't exactly out performed.

To be honest, it's a dog. Woof, Woof.

Will this ETF go the same way as the original fund?

Our Nan say's she not holding her breath!

ps, where's the AUDIT?
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you must be kidding

sigmund1 started this thread Page 154, How To Make Money In...

We find Brother Stephen explaining, "How to Spot Market Tops".

Really, Brother Stephen, you need to take a reality check.

You must have forgot how well you timed the 2007 market top.

Recap, you advised your clients to EXIT 8 FULL MONTHS BEFORE THE TOP IN OCTOBER!

You advised your clients to get back in, March 2008 just in time to catch the markets worldwide falling off a cliff.

Seems to anyone with more than 2 brain cells that you can't spot market tops or bottoms.

Our Nan thinks you could'nt spot a fly on the end of your nose.

And where's that AUDIT.
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Reality Check 2

sigmund1 started this thread This just gets weirder and weirder, even I am having trouble believing what I am reading in the Sutherland’s book's and I went to spec savers!

Page 84, How to Make Money In ISA ‘s etc etc

“Our aim is to help our clients beat the NASDAQ COMPOSITE”.

Now hold that thought.

Page 14, same book...

”My Best Year was 2009, when I returned 56.4%”


Nasdaq Composite returned 57% during 2009.

The QQQ’S returned 65.87%. 2009.

Even your best year you failed to beat the Index's.

Looks like the Index’s gave you a thick ear again.

Remind me, what is it you have to offer?

Oh do prey tell.

Our Nan say’s it about time you pair got a proper job and where’s that bloody AUDIT.
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read em and weep

sigmund1 started this thread I've got this charting programme, it's got this thingy on it that when I hover the mouse over a date, left click, hold down and drag, it tells me what the percentage change on the price chart is...Don't know about you but I think that's proper cleaver!

So I did just that on a chart of the SP500, Nasdaq Comp and the DJI.

My start date was December 31 1997 and my end date was 31 December 2015.

Good grief, what a coincidence, just happens to be the exact dates anyone can find on ISACO's web site under their long term performance record.

According to ISACO, their long term TOTAL RETURN WITH DIVIDENS between these two dates is 121%.

I can tell you, I was dead impressed and no kidding either!

But wait a minute, my percentage draggy mouse toolbar icon thingy tells me that the...

DJI returned 140%...SP500 returned 133%...Nasdaq Comp returned 253%.

I tell you, I nearly fell out of my seat, but what nearly gave me a tachycardia episode was that my chart % did NOT INCLUDE DIVIDENDS, unlike ISACO's return.

The Index's simply out performed ISACO's performance and without including dividends.

Our Nan say's...does ISACO come with a wealth warning?

And where's that bloody AUDIT?
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Warren Buffett

sigmund1 started this thread A passively-managed investment strategy will deliver better results in the long-run than those achieved by most investors – whether individual or institutional – who use high-fee active managers....Warren Buffett.

Our Nan say's could you remeind her how much you charge per year for your Fund Tipping service?

And where's that ruddy Audit.
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