Roger Middleton Interview

This is a discussion on Roger Middleton Interview within the Educational Resources forums, part of the Commercial category; We've just published a new T2W article called " Roger Middleton Interview " by Roger Middleton . Quick Summary : ...

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Roger Middleton Interview

We've just published a new T2W article called "Roger Middleton Interview" by Roger Middleton.

Quick Summary: Roger Middleton is an experienced trader who focuses on the equity markets. His insights, however, are applicable to traders of all kinds.

PS. Don't forget to rate the article after you've read it and share your comments on this thread.
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A very good read.
Interesting, informative and rational. Debunks a few myths and cuts to the core of the matter.
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An honest account. I liked it. No frills. No BS. Plain, simple truths.

I also operate a max 1% of total trading capital per trade. But It's a struggle as your capital base increases, to juggle or balance the 1% max stoploss with the 10% of capital 'on' the trade constraint. It isn't too long into a your trading career that the X% 'on' the trade is the limiting factor on position size - particularly if you're using tight stops. I find I now operate with significantly smaller than 1% risk, constrained by capital.

It doesn't take a maths whizz to work out that even with a stock price of say just $40, with a nominal $100K account and a 1% risk, if you're taking a position with a 20c stop, you're potential buying level would be 5000 shares (Risk is 1% of $100K = $1,000 / 0.20 = 5000) which requires a capital (or margined) base of $200,000. To keep within the parameters you use yourself (in this hypothetical case) you'd be limited to using only 10% of your $100K buying power ($10,000) and therefore only take a position size of 250 shares - 1/20th of the risk-only basis.

I'd be interested in knowing if you (Roger) ever open up the percentage of total trading capital for specific trades?

Also, good luck with the eventual glider acquisition. Dunno about NZ though...can go for miles without even seeing a McDonalds.
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It was a relatively good interview, but nothing earth-shattering.

I would, in particular, recommend the interview to newbies and/or struggling traders, as there are some useful insights in the interview for such people.

On this basis, it was a pleasure to award the article a good rating of 7/10.
Don't personalise the market

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Thanks for beeing so honest and sharing...

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Re: Roger Middleton Interview

Dear Roger ... Thank you for your incites and experience. I'm new to this game (3weeks) and learning more each day.
I'll add the "stoploss stoploss" and "If it doesn’t feel right, get out and watch from the sidelines. I would rather be out and wishing I was in, than in and wishing I was out!" ... to my personal list of do's and dont haha
Thanks, Regards
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Re: Roger Middleton Interview

Thanks for beeing so honest and sharing...
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