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An invaluable guide,thanks, Tim.
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remember to update it as well

As a newbie this plan saved me drawing up my own from scratch and has forced me to answer all the questions before putting money on the line. I've been testing with demo and real trades, and have realised where I was unrealistic and gone back to the plan to make changes

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I still dont have an established finished trading plan..
Just Do It., Buy!
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Originally Posted by Tomerep
I still dont have an established finished trading plan..
If there are aspects of the plan that you are struggling with, then this is as good a place as any to discuss any sticking points. Feel free to post any concerns that you may have. Even if your comment doesn't relate to the template itself but, say, to establishing an effective exit strategy for example, I still recommend that you post here, as there are many members who could help or at least direct you to other forums and/or sites where answers to problems such as this may be found.
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Tim, I have gone through the plan and it's a very good document the length notwithstanding. Like very many articles talk about our psyche/emotions et al., I have found it difficult to trade when it's actual money on the line. Silly mistakes have come up quite often while they weren't present in the demo, clearly an indication that something needs to be done on my part. Keep up the good work.
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Originally Posted by tech/a
I personally cant fault the theory.Im where Tim would like to be,and can say that the adaptation of all rules(certaintly in my case) has lead to profit consistantly trading my style (Position trading stocks) over the last 3 yrs.I'm not a fulltime trader and dont wish or have to be.

Tim I have a question.With faultless theory why then are you not profitable?What are the reasons do you think?

Finally something to offer those here.(As Tim asked for some examples in the artical he wrote---(its suprising who maybe reading!)).
My trading methodology is available free to the public and has been/is being traded live(The ASX-------BT Bankers trust Margin list of stocks.) on an Australian Forum---Reefcap.----and is nicely profitable--- well I think it is!
The host is currently undertaking an extensive forum upgrade and will be off line for around 2 weeks I believe.When back I will direct all to the links showing the method---and the results.
Really all of your theory in living practice------well for 3 yrs anyway!
The initial $30,000 starting capital is around $170,000,as of last friday

The method was designed using Metastock and Tradesim and is a long term portfolio based long method.While I have been in the market for the last 3 yrs there are times (Being a long method) that my method wont be---but not yet!.

My apologies that I cannot direct you to the site yet.

Been a while since I visited this site back in March.
Now Janurary and the method mentioned above now has a capital holding of $265,000 + $60000 bank.
We developed it now nearly 4 yrs ago and has been trading live for the full time.
Everything is disclosed and there are 100's of pages of discussion on the site.

Here is the link;f=74

Its free not selling anything,its a longterm mechanical share trading method.
The original $30000 in starting capital is now $250,000 after paying back the margin lender his $70k

For those looking at a simple way to trade taking minutes a day and your not glued to the screen then this maybe for you.
All formulas and test results as well as weekly updates of all trading shown.

Hope it is of help.
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Originally Posted by Tomerep
I have a question, by not exposing more than 5% of your account you mean that if I have a 100k$ account I can have like 5 positions of 1k$ each? that wouldnt move the account anywhere.. I'm serious I dont know what you mean, I've read "come into my trading room" and its says there the same thing, not exposing your account to more than 6%(almost the same), did I get it wrong or do people earn money by only having 6% total of their account exposed(which means that even if they have an imaginary 100% profit of that 6%, their account move only 6% a month).... so how come they get 20% a month avg? thanks for any further answer
Because, as your stocks gain or get stopped out, your exposure frees up. Say your stock movse up significantly so you can move your stop to your entry price. Then if you get stopped out you lose only commission. So you have effectively no exposure, which means you can trade another lot. Dr. Elder's 2%/6% rule allows for this:

3 positions, risking 2% of portfolio each = initial exposure of 6%. As the first position moves into a gain, say... 10% gain, and you lock in profits at say 8% with a stop, you will have free (and infact decreased exposure) so that way you can put out another position. So now you have 4 positions, 1 with a locked in gain and 3 with 2% risk = 6% exposure etc. Anyway, the idea is, as your stuff moves up, you have more positions, but if you're losing, you trade less.

Good theory, in my experience when markets are moving sometimes its a necessary evil to be a little overexposed. But always set your stops and know how much exactly you are exposed, so if you get stopped out of all trades you'll know how much you lose, before you plant your trade.

Anway back on topic -- template is a great start. Alot of ppl don't think about this stuff I sure didn't when I started...
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great document 4 all traders

Is a great document and it will provide invaluable to myself, and many other traders. I have been reading a lot of different articles in the last couple of weeks and rate this as the best and most important "trading edge" that any trader who is or isn't trading could use.
Congrats, and to those whose source you have used.

Ten out of ten

Would recommend one thing though....

As other posts on this board mention, it is quite long. The writing style is great, and keeps the reader interested, but for a beginner like myself there are many questions which I find difficult to answer, and some which I would rather not even think about

From this point of view is there any possibilty of a more concise version, or a version for novice or newbie dealers. Maybe posting some suggestions to some of the more difficult questions might help. I have been searching for a lot of answers to some simple questions, and have found these hard to find on this site, either because some of the basic guides are getting a bit out of date or some of the information posted is too advanced, or reliant on a single review (ie knowledge labs).......
A couple of basic questions which I am still struggling with and the plan has thrown up are

Which is the best data feed to use for US position and day trading?
Which is the best live charting package to use, also including backtesting, measuring and analysing my trades?
Are there any mentor/ news/ info sites which are worth subscribing to?
Am going to buy the JJMurphy book, can anyone recommend good literature to start reading, or viewing?

Will try to post my full answers when finished, more holes than a swiss cheese at the minute, but am working on it. Has anyone else posted their answers yet,couldn't find any?

My thinking is that any posts with people's answers will really help any newbies or even more experienced dealers.

Many thanks looking forwards to the infinity pool in Andulucia, although need to get the Miles Davies cd first to listen to when I'm there. "nice""great""


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