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GilYoungJo started this thread After several PMs, I've decided to post some of my charts to this forum -- no different from the ones on my trading blog. You can go to my profile to get the website since I'm not allowed to post it in the message body.

Friday's Action:

Okay so now we've gapped-down and experienced violent short squeezes 3 days in a row this week - on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.....

......feels like the markets are now itching to start increasing its P/E ratio!!

Those who are more experienced traders know exactly what this might be setting up for!

The 5-minute charts look healthy...

snapshot-42.png (image)

snapshot-45.png (image)

It looks pretty obvious what the markets are attempting to do on the 15-minute charts...

snapshot-43.png (image)

What the Obama administration does is, of course, paramount to the chart's inclinations but at the moment, the markets seem to be trying hard to assemble some sort of an uptrend movement. Either way, it should be another great week for day trading.

Good Trading!

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Sorry, i still confuse ...
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GilYoungJo started this thread Okay so now that I've got traders' attention.

If you go to my blog and check out the accuracy and high-probability of the trading technique that I train our traders on, I'm positive you will see that it is a very powerful and highly profitable method of trading.

My trading blog market call record speaks for itself.

Since I'm not allowed to post the link, you can google - "Gil Young Jo trading blog" and click on the link for my blogspot link.

Good Trading!
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I understand your reasons for all the timeframes. And I appreciate any strategy that will make someone better in this rough business we're in. I personally don't feel the need for all of those timeframes, but I know it'll help new traders understand the framework of the market.
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I've been looking for some information on a particular multiple timeframe technique. I don't know if anybody has ever tried it, but I just want to make sure there isn't any major problem using it. The setup is three timeframes like daily, 4 hr and 30 min (other combos like 15 min, 1hr, 4hr can also be used). You can use any indicator like stochastic or even a simple moving average like in the 3 ducks system. Personally, I am practicing with PSAR (0.1, 0.11) wich is more sensitive than the standard 0.02, 0.2 settings.

So you look at the daily chart to see where the major trend is heading. There we can use MACD as in the Elder's triple screen system to find the trend. Next, we look at the 4 hr wich is our trading chart and wait for a PSAR dot to show in the direction of the major trend. Our entry points will be after checking the 30 min chart at each retracement (see arrows in the pic). Once trading orders launched, let roll till the 4hr chart shows a reverse PSAR.

Stop loss would be at the PSAR dot on the 4hr chart and a profit level can also be fixed (same amount as risk). Also, I avoid ranging markets on any timeframes by looking at Bollinger and Kertnel bands.

The first time I read about that technique I thought it was some kind of Holy Grail, but I don't know why people don't seem to be talking about it anymore. I want to make sure I didn't miss anything on that technique. All comment welcome.

Please excuse my french...

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Multi-time Frames Scalping..

Originally Posted by GilYoungJo View Post
I personally trade 60min, 30min, 15min, 10min, 5min and 3min.

I teach my traders to trade only 2 timeframes in the beginning though (of course, after having mastered 1 timeframe analysis technique - either 3min or 5min - depends on their background and personality).

Most traders don't understand why price action dwindles after hitting support on the 5min......they faily to realize that the 15min is showing resistance - thus the 5min support is very short lived. This may be invalidated if the 30min timeframe is indicating the possibility of a possible support level however.

It's not as easy as it sounds - as with everything trading-related of course.....

Where are your moving averages on each timeframe in relation to the relation to the relation to the ROC......?

Multiple tiemframe analysis is the only way to determine whether all the traders are in "sync"

Playing Pool:

1min = pure momentum daytraders
3min = breakout/momentum/support-resistance traders
5min = pretty much on par with 3min traders plus their profits are usually a tad larger due to the extra 2 minutes of built-in momentum/reliability in the timeframe [usually the favorite timeframe of successful daytraders and regular traders alike]
10min = same as 5min plus short-term intraday hedge funds
15min = same as 5min plus slightly higher-profit-oriented hedge funds and mutual funds/institutions
30/60min = same as 15min plus swing traders

Bottom line: the longer your timeframe, the more reliable signals are - due to the built-in momentum ----- it is very easy to break 1min support/resistance levels violently BUT is it not as easy to break 5/15min support/resistance levels

My training method core concept: using the example of a dual timeframe analysis method - confirm that your 5min is in a clear trend then wait for your 1min corresponding support/resistance to initiate a position ---- the shorter your main small timeframe, the faster you have to take profits --- the bigger timeframe analysis allows for more of "letting your profits run" but the flipside is that you have to be willing to add to your position and take on slightly higher levels of risk due to the "lag effect" and "shake-out effect"

I will be posting some videos on this method within the next few weeks.

Good Trading!
I agree with you ideas. I'm very mush interested in seeing your video's
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