Daytrading - entry exit signals

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Daytrading - entry exit signals

At present I am working off of 3 chart timescales the 5 and 15 minute and to a lesser extent the 1 min chart.

I tend to favour the 5 minute chart and look to supporting pivots from a closing line chart with Bollinger Bands and a 4 period SMA. I use the same settings on the 15 minute chart except that I have a 2 period SMA.

Personally I would prefer to work from a 3 and 10 minute chart but I am currently working with CMC charts but intend to move over to esignal. I find the 1 minute provide to many false signals and the 15 minute can be to long so a balance maybe provided by the 3 and 10.

Anyway my question for those of you out there that daytrade watching the charts and price closely. How do you approach a situation where it appears a signal to buy or sell presents itself during the current period where the chart is yet to be updated.

In other words there appears within the 5 minutes tick a possible higher lower pivot appearing on the line chart as the price passes the previous 5 minute close. Is this sufficient to support your entry or is it a case of holding on to see this movement confirmed with a plotted closing position. I have to say that often the price tumbles further having given such a signal. This is a particular problem for me when applying it to the 15 minute chart looking for reversal points. By applying the supporting pivot approach on the 5 minute chart I do rather well and there are a lot of signals throughout the day, obviously using this method on the 15 minute chart the deals are rather restricted but offer bigger gains. If you include the intraday price cycle reversals on the 15 minute chart then there tend to be around 5 -7 good deals a day, if you get the reversal right that is.

Would be interested in any views

regards Kevin
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If you're using d4f your going to find it tough - quite frankly the d4f charting sucks. However my advice to you would be to ditch the bollinger bands, and your fast sma's. Replace with either RSI, macd or Stochastics and try a 20 period ema on the 5min chart. Unfortunatly with d4f you will run out of screen space with more than one bottom indicator up.

When you get esignal ditch that setup as well and try the 3min charts with 34ema, and use CCI for entry/exit. Remain aware of the price action but with this setup you would get better results with following cci setups rather than price.

As far as waiting for the price bar to close goes - I tend to anticipate provided I have other confirmation signals - otherwise wait for the close on a similair setup on the 1min charts.

Hope that helps - I don't mean to lecture - just my way.
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kevin546 started this thread Hi Nickw

thanks for advice I set my charts with the tools because of the poor display from the lower indicators so I had to adapt and this I find is the best way to use CMC charts. I do not like their RSI.

I have heard others mention CCI positively but have not had access to it but will when I sign up with ESIGNAL. Who do you use. What is the significance of the 34 EMA.

I have adapted my trading style so that I can use CMC for small point gains but with better software hope to identify better positions.

regards Kevin
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My dealer is IB and I use TradeStation and QuoteTracker.

The 34ema gives you the trend. The 100ema on the 1min is watched by many.
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Kevins Starter for Ten

Here you go Kevin:

A site frequented by CCI traders and expert "Fitzy."

And a UK site for Eurostoxx50 traders who use the CCI...Helen created the site.

Look for posts by"TBS...The Blind Squirrel" a full time trader.

....Indicators show the past. Price Action "Indicates" the future.
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kevin546 started this thread Thanks for that info and a lot for me to go through.

I am aware that people use CCI a lot for the US and it is rather similar to RSI which I have used to good effect on UK shares.
Does CCI work in a similar way as RSI, failure swings (top/bottom)- divergence in additon to its own trendline and crossover. Can it be used to good effect on any instrument like the FTSE or is it best used with the DOW or S & P 500.

regards Kevin
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Hi Kevin,

Yes it works very like RSI, patterns, trends divergence etc. As well as 0/100+/- crosses and rejects. It works well on the FTSE and the STOXX and on the Dow. Have yet to try it on the Dax or S&P.
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As we are talking about entries and exits for daytrading no one has mentioned the level 2 Nasdaq screen.Here is a chart from the t/a and level 2 thread were i closed the first part of my week long short trade and posted it live at the time at 18.07.I believe adding Nasdaq level 2 skills to your trading arsenal alows traders to become even better exponents of entering and exiting a stock?

These entries and exits are found by Nasdaq traders who use NO oscillators or moving averages at all and yet can find turning points with very good accuracy.
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It's on my list - however I'm put of having to trawl through and get to know multiple stocks. For know I've learnt to trade the ES Futures, which works for me in that I only have to learn the personality and levels of one product.

Is there a stock thats a good proxy for the Futures, qqq comes to mind and the obvious big cap high-volume stocks - e.g. MSFT. I could use that idea.
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kevin546 started this thread Naz and Helenqu

thanks for your posts, just been going through some of the threads on the above site and I can see that the charts are very sophisticated compared to what I have used before.

The trendlines on the CCI for the 1 and 3 minute charts appear to be excellent indicators. I have only ever used RSI on delayed charts so this feature looks to be a must. When I have observed 1 minute charts from the likes of they appear to give a number of false signals yet from the charts displayed in the threads look sound.

Naz I am going to show my ignorance now (and the junior member reference to my record appears very appropriate in this company) what exactly is level 2. I thought this had something to do with access to the order books.

With reference to the chart you attached from my limited knowledge the price pattern on the chart suggests to me that at the low around 16.50 would most likely have been at a time when the RSI or CCI would have displayed a failure swing or divergence or its own trendline break following the price sequence.

Without current access to such tools from your example I would have been buying from my method at the time you closed because it would be a supporting pivot and ultimately a break to the upside. Without the support of the lower indicators such as CCI or RSI I find trying to time a reversal very difficult hence for now my approach with the CMC charts. I stuck with them because I previously believed that more profit could be achieved through spreadbetting compared to trading the likes of futures or CFD's. So I persevered with the CMC charts until I came up with a selection of the tools that could work for me.

Having got involved in some discussions on this site concerning spreadbetting and direct access brokers I now realise that greater profits are available (certainly in the case of the FTSE) by trading the smaller FTSE Futures spread with an instant fill being available for larger orders which can expand my present daytrading unlike trying to pursue deals with CMC in excess of £20 (or 2 contracts) without a considerable delay while they pass the order to there dealing desk rather than go straight to the market.

Maybe I am getting carried away by all this but the charts displayed on the above sites appear to provide excellent signals and if you are making use of such signals you must be doing rather well. I can see I need to get my act together and stop using bit parts to do my trader but get hold of a decent direct access account and some professional charting such as esignal or sierra. It looks as if I have been wasting my last 2 years with inappropriate tools for the job. Just like this site I only registered a few days ago and yet the wealth of information and advice on this site knocks spots off anything I have found before. Again I wasted my time going into most of the time you wade through rubbish and abusive posts of no interest whatsoever, at least here the topic is followed in a responsible manner and very useful and of great assistance to someone like me who after 2 years is still rather green. The only thing I can fall back on over this time is my knowledge of most charting theories and a bit of knowledge on how the FTSE price intraday cycle moves.

Thanks again

regards Kevin

regards Kevin
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