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Just thought I'd post my experience with ADVFN UK so that others can be forewarned. I had a subscription to their services for live prices and wished to cancel (I wanted to change supplier). I followed the instructions on the website to the letter, which involved informing them in writing only (no email or phone call permitted) giving all account and user particulars, one months notice required.

On the subscription cancellation date ADFN proceeded to charge me the subscription fees.

I phoned them up, they say they did not receive the letter; how convenient. I have not used the service since I sent the letter, and to me at least this would indicate that at that date I had the intention of not using the service. It seems likely to me that a person not using and not intending to use a service would cancel the service. Not to ADVFN. They say I can't prove I sent the letter of cancellation, therefore I didn't cancel, and refuse to refund the fee. I have now paid for a service I haven't used in 2 months. Technically I haven't got a leg to stand on, but when they can see my intent, and I have a copy of the letter I can show them (which isn't acceptable either), is it good customer service? Definitely not.

Conclusion: When dealing with ADFN treat them as you would any bad/dodgy/recalcitrant company. Make sure you send the letter registered post so that you can prove you have given them written notice; Otherwise they will just keep taking your money.

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Yes that is what happened a few years ago, hence my warning about letters getting 'lost' and make sure you send it recorded.
A mishap with the card might be an idea!
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How can I cancel their emails?
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How can I cancel their emails?
On the ADVFN page, go to Help then 'How To?'
'Change your email bulletin setup'
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Just to add my name to the list of unhappy customers of ADVFN.

I tried to cancel my subscription to one of their services (I can't remember which one exactly). I followed all their instructions but they kepy debiting my credit card. In the end, I got the credit card company to sort it out for me. They suspended any further payments and got my money refunded - well done Barclaycard !!,

When you hear that many people have had the same problem with ADVFN, then you should hear alarm bells ringing. They would seem to be a dodgy company and one besty avoided.
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as with all things financial, get your credit card company or bank on your side.

If you are paying by credit card, phone your credit card company, and inform them you wish to cancel.
if you are paying by direct debit or through your bank, tell them to cancel any subscription.

this way, YOU take control of the situation, rather than relying on advfn, or any other company to do the decent thing.

re: proof of posting. you can get a "certificate of posting" from the post-office. cost ZERO. the post office records the date and address the letter is going to, stamps it with PO stamp, and you have your certificate.

(admittedly, you dont know in advance who is going to mess you around)

hope this helps for future situations.
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I have never been a member of ADVFN mainly because of all the adverse publicity I have heard here and elsewhere. However surely if you set up payment by direct debit, rather than through your credit cards, then you can cancel the direct debit when you like. I am with Nationwide and I can cancel a direct debit within a few seconds online.
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I was particularly impressed with the ease at which I could upgrade, a click here, miss-click here done. Then I need a letter via recorded delivery to downgrade hmm....
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