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The Micro futures are from today tradable with my IB account.

Check out my trading blog with successes and failures in trading.
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Are there many users that have linked up IB with Ninjatrader?
Just wondered what your experiences were?
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I have used Ninjatrader for one year with a connection to IB. The results were mixed. IB was as good or bad as they have always been. As for NJ it was slow, forgot orders, crashed when trading, and made switching contracts more complicated than it should be. Their support is quick but I guess it should be with software like that. I cannot recommend trusting NJ with your money. It would seem to me that NJ is mainly a platform for third party vendors to sell their add-ons. NJ staff did not seem to be traders.

I now use Quotetracker as a daytrading platform that is quick and powerful. For automation I eventually built my own system on linux using the IB API.
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Thanks for the feedback linuxrules. I tried NT with futuresbetting but wasn't realiable, now using with I want a professional account that I can also trade index futures with NT, is there any other platform that is good for automated trading(not tradestation)?

It will be some way of yet before I build my own system like you have.
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I have seen how Tradestation and Ninjtrader work, and have heard a lot about some other approaches to automated trading. You may want to think about what language would be suitable for your background, and for the future of automated trading in general. Is easylanguage still state of the art or outdated? Is C# the next thing or just drawing us into another M$ dilema?

From what I understand all retail platforms have their problems. Some simply don't work technically, others require unrealistic resources (technology, bandwidth, expertise, fees). There is a growing number of vendors offering systems at the Traders Expo. I think the next one will be in Los Angeles in June. I went to earlier shows. Most systems there are limited in that they ask a monthly fee and then let you pick a strategy that might work. But who knows what problems those vendors have internally. In the end they might just tell you that you picked an unsuccessful strategy when your account is empty.

I have come to look at it this way: who wants me (or you for that matter) to have a money-generating black box? Answer: absolutely nobody! So don't expect the holy grail up for sale. I am sure there are some folks out there who are very successful with algo trading or whatever they call it. But I have met very few who are, and they don't talk about it. In fact they hardly talk at all.
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For execution of automatic trading Sierra Chart is now very good.

You can setup your strategies in spreadsheet form or in dlls (a subset of C which is reasonably easy to pick up, not much less easy than "easylanguage.")

SC is fast, reliable and solid so its good for running your strategies. What it doesn't have is much by way of testing so if you are optimising etc you need to use something else for that. I was just implementing my discretionary strategy. I plan to use an old copy of TS2000 to optimize some other work I'm going to do and then implement in SC with a C++ dll.

I suspect that the reason they don't talk is that they're too busy coding - I certainly have been for the last few weeks.
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Excessive coding and testing was what changed my plans with ninjatrader. Like most people I wanted to let my computer earn my money. But instead I spent 12 or more hours each day coding, fighting software glitches, writing support tickets etc. So I figured it wa easier to do work that I get paid for right away.

I have used NJ for backtesting, and a crappy easylanguage implementation with some other package before that. My experience is that even backtests can fool you. If you run the program on a papertrading account (like IB gives you) and then run the same program again on historic data the results are not the same. So I guess the only good test is to let your code papertrade for days/weeks/months to see the real performance.
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Good morning,

I would be interested to open a universal account with margin to make transactions on stocks ( long/ short)
The initial deposit would be in euros.

Could you explain me the different interest rates that are running with an IB account ?

+ The money in my account : does it have a daily interest ?
+ If I make a short operation , could you explain me with the exact technical terms how daily interest are paid ? (Operations involved , and parameters used like EONIA, and number value)
For this second question I suggest an example, that I would like to be explained by you, if you have enough time :

I open an account with 8 000 euros
I decide do short a stock of the Cac40 (so a common stock) for an amount of 5000 euros.
I hold the position for 3 nights
==> What is the amount of commission I will have to pay at the end for only the interest ( if there is some)
==> Whate are the additional comission I will have to pay ( i mean for a short sale using margin, is the commission to open / close the position the same as if i am long without margin , with the same amount of money involved ?)

Thank you for your explanations.
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