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Nationality: American

Website: buildmykingdom.com/

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Tim Parker offers specialist media content for financial and small businesses through his company ECS. His work is published on many sites including Fananceboards.com and Investopedia.com

In addition to this he also runs Buildmykingdom.com which foucuses on personal finance. 

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The Two Hour A Day Trading Plan

Tim Parker offers new traders the reasons why some equities exhibit high volume at set times during the trading day.

29 Sep, 2017 in Day Trading & Scalping and Equities

Is High-Frequency Trading (HFT) A Fancy Term For Cheating?

Tim Parker gives an overview of HFT and how it affects retail traders and investors.

27 Oct, 2017 in Day Trading & Scalping and Swing & Position Trading

Calculating Risk and Reward

Tim Parker shows how to assess the level of risk taken for the amount of potential profit.

11 Jul, 2018 in Money Management and Equities

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