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Russell Wayne CFP is Principal of Sound Asset Management Inc. based in NY and has been professionally investing since 1966. He previosuly worked for Value Line organization and Heine Management Group where he has held numerous senior investment positions.

His company offer a range of financial advisory services, including investment management; planning for education, retirement, and estates; insurance; and taxes.

Russell is quoted as saying "Our goal is to help our clients enjoy their lives while we take charge of their financial concerns"

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Stock Picking - The Flaws of Technical Analysis

Russell Wayne discusses why he views technical analysis of stocks as a flawed approach to future price movement.

16 Dec, 2016 in Equities and Technical Analysis

Stock Picking: - Keys to Successful Investments

Russell Wayne explains what to look for when selecting equities for an overall profitable investment portfolio.

24 Feb, 2017 in Equities

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