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Shobhit has a Master’s degree in Financial Management (Specialization in Derivatives & Quantitative Research), The Netherlands and a Bachelor of Technology degree (Electronics & Communications Engineering), India.

He is a freelance financial writer, derivatives trader and consultant specializing in derivatives pricing and quantitative research. His career spans over 14 years with a position of Product Manager (Derivatives, Financial Data & Risk Management) at leading financial services companies across UK, Europe, US and India. He has written extensively on topics pertaining to Derivatives Pricing, Derivatives Combinations & Structures, and Derivatives Trading Strategies. A lot of his work is available at, a site on Derivatives Trading which Shobhit owns and maintains. Shobhit also has expertise in index based products and ETFs and he conducts training sessions on derivatives and related financial topics.

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The Importance of Choosing The Right Automated Day Trading Software

Shobit Seth runs through the key requirements when selecting automated day trading software and what it should include.

02 Nov, 2014 in Day Trading & Scalping

Risk Management Techniques For Selling Covered Calls

Shobhit Seth runs through the risk scenarios when using the popular options trading approach of selling covered calls.

31 Jan, 2015 in

The Best Technical Analysis Trading Software?

Shobhit Seth runs through the more popular trading software platforms giving a summary of the pros and cons of each.

11 Nov, 2016 in Day Trading & Scalping and Swing & Position Trading

The Risks When Trading Low Volume Stocks

Shobhit Seth cautions on the perils of trading low liquidity stocks.

06 Apr, 2018 in Equities

Steps Needed to Become a Quant Trader

Shobhit Seth explains what is needed to make it as a Quant trader.

23 May, 2018 in Trading Careers

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