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Jason Van Bergen is a well known contributor to several trading publications such as Investopedia.com, Forbes.com and Allstocks.com bringing a wealth of knowledge for investors and traders alike.

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Introduction To Swing Trading

Jason Van Bergen shows why beginning traders may be better starting with swing trading as opposed to intra-day trading

29 Aug, 2014 in Swing & Position Trading

Divergences, Momentum And Rate Of Change

Jason Van Bergen offers beginners an understanding of 3 of the key market oscillators used in technical analysis.

26 Jun, 2015 in Technical Analysis

How to Read the Psychological State of the Market

Jason Van Bergen explains how using a combination of metrics can provide a good indication of the likely mood of the market.

25 Mar, 2016 in Psychology

Trailing Stop Techniques

Jason Van Bergen covers what should be considered when placing stop loss orders and methods for doing so.

10 Jun, 2016 in Technical Analysis

How The Power Of The Masses Drives The Market

Jason Van Bergen explains how crowd behaviour can influence trading decisions and what cautions are necessary to be aware of.

09 Jun, 2017 in Psychology

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