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The Forex Guy is an educational Forex trading blog run by Graham Blackmore who has been a passionate retail Forex trader for over 6 years. He trades the Forex market exclusively with price action based trading methodologies.  Graham believes price action trading to be one of the powerful approaches used in the market today and really is the core foundation of any good trading system.

Graham strongly believes in keeping charts clean and keeping things simple, logical and uncomplicated. By making trading decisions straight off the raw price action data, you can ‘bypass’ unnecessary variables like exotic indicators, trading robots or magical pivot levels. He believes there is hardly any edge trading news and economic data releases and much prefers to make trading decisions straight from the candlestick themselves.

‘The Forex Guy’ is dedicated to providing knowledge to serious and passionate traders who want to learn the art of price action trading, positive geared money management and how to psychologically condition themselves to become a professional trader.

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7 Rookie Trading Mistakes That Will Make You Another Statistic

Graham Blackmore talks through 7 key areas that often cause new forex traders to fail in their trading aspirations

07 Mar, 2014 in Forex

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