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Russ teaches investing classes on how to buy stock and options trading, among many others.  With extensive experience in trading, education, and business in general, Russ decided to make his lifelong passion, trading, his full-time occupation in 2003 and sought the highest-quality trading education he could find.

After taking trading education he began trading full time; and has been making his living from trading ever since.

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Finding Option Opportunities

Russ Allen discusses ways in which suitable stocks can be selected for profitable options trading.

31 Jan, 2014 in Options

Who is on the Other Side of Your Option Trade?

Russ Allen explains how the differing participants in the options market can affect the bid and offer prices with examples of how this appears to retail traders

08 Aug, 2014 in Options

High Volatility in the Stock Market Or Is It?

Russ Allen explains the relationship between intrinsic value, implied volatility and time to expiration and how these can affect profitability when trading options.

17 Oct, 2014 in Options

Volatility? Really?

Russ Allen explains how the recent drops in the S&P, Chinese SSE and oil may not be viewed by the options market as a sustainable decline.

15 Jan, 2016 in Technical Analysis and Options

What Are My Options?

Russ Allen explains for beginners the basics of "Options" trading including type and how they can be used.

09 Dec, 2016 in Options and Equities

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