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Stephen D. Simpson, CFA is a former Wall St. sell-side analyst who currently spends most of his time writing about investments, business, and the economy. He is also an active and avid investor who still takes on the occasional consulting assignment.

A lot of his background involves medical technology, as he was a medical technology analyst, a biomedical research tech, and a consultant to the healthcare industry at various points in his career. He also worked on the buy-side in both equities and fixed income, where his responsibilities were significantly broader. As a result, he is comfortable analyzing/investing in, and commenting on, a wide range of industries.

Work Experience
10 years freelance writing (investing, economics, healthcare)

9 years consulting (medical technology)

7 years sell-side equity analyst (medical devices / medical technologies)

1 year buy-side equity analyst (diversified - international)

1.5 years buy-side fixed income financial writer / economic analyst

1 year wet bench life sciences research (dissection, cell culture, confocal microscopy, immunohistochemistry)

Georgetown University

List of Articles

Will Germany's Bailout Save Europe?

Stephen D Simpson analyses the circumstances surrounding the latest Euro bailout and the likely consequences of the decision by Germany to do so

09 Nov, 2012 in Fundamental Analysis

Buy Side Vs Sell Side Analysts

Stephen D Simpson explains how the function of an analyst differs depending on whether your role is on the "Buy" side or "Sell" side.

05 Dec, 2014 in Trading Careers

The 6 Signs of an Economic Recovery

Stephen Simpson suggests what to look for as confirmation of an economic recovery.

12 Sep, 2018 in Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis

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