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Nationality: Australian

Website: justspreads.com.au

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Jay holds a Diploma of Financial Services (FNS51004) from the Australian Financial Markets Association (AFMA) for the Generic and Specialist “Derivatives” knowledge and skills components of ASIC Regulatory Guide 146.

Just Spreads provide low-risk, low-margin spread trade opportunities and continuing education across a select group of U.S. and Australian futures markets. Just Spreads’ monitors only calendar spreads because of their unique and reliable trending nature. 

Jay has written a number of articles as listed below which can be found at 

Your Trading Edge, FN Arena and AHA Investor.

List of Articles:

An Introduction to Spread Trading - provides stock market investors with an introduction to spread trading as an alternative avenue of return

Spread Trading Could Be Your Trading Edge –spread trading is a powerful trading strategy that many retail traders have never heard of or know very little about. This article by Jay Richards was first published in the May issue of Your Trading Edge Magazine

Tale of Two Precious Metals - the investment community purchases gold and silver for different reasons. Typically they act as a hedge

List of Articles

Spread Trading The Alternative Trading Strategy

Jay Richards explains how spread trading can offset the often volatile and erratic nature of outright positions and ways in which it can be used to profitable effect

05 Oct, 2012 in Trading Systems

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