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Lee Bohl is Trading Services Manager, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. and has been an active trader consultant with over thirty years of investment experience, ranging from futures and stock trading to investment product design, wholesaling, money manager evaluation and selection, and marketing and general management. 

Lee’s areas of expertise include technical analysis, trading strategies and trading software. He holds the Chartered Market Technician designation awarded by the Accreditation Committee of the Market Technicians Association. At Schwab, Lee uses Schwab's Live Online workshops to educate a large and diverse group of traders around the world.

List of Articles

Lessons from Behavioral Finance

Lee Bohl discusses a number of the key concepts from behavioral finance theory and how awareness of them can help in avoiding trading losses

28 Sep, 2012 in Psychology

Life Investments: Lessons from the Laboratory

Lee Bohl explains how past experiences and training can influence how we approach trading and advises on key areas to consider to improve profitability

11 Apr, 2014 in Psychology

The Art of Pullback Trading

Lee Bohl offers beginners a simple way in which to enter a trade in a trending market.

22 Nov, 2014 in Technical Analysis

Finessing the Double Bottom

Lee Bohl explains what to look for and how to manage the technical chart pattern commonly known as the "Double Bottom"

27 Mar, 2015 in Technical Analysis

Teutonic Trouble?

Lee Bohl talks through the theory behind the Hindenburg Omen (HO) indicator which has been attributed to predicting a market crash

12 Jun, 2015 in Technical Analysis

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