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James’s trading experience started from the very young age of 17. Having traded widespread instruments from Lumber and Pork Bellies, to stocks and commodities, there isn’t much he hasn’t traded. With just over a decade of experience in trading he believes the Trillion-dollar market is the place to be - Yes Forex is the most liquid market in the world and its still growing!

He believes that technical analysis of price action is the only fundamental tool required in trading. News is simply noise in which every market move has to be documented with, in order to create maximum hype within trading.

James feels everyone should utilize ‘The KISS approach’ – ‘keep it simple & stupid’ and is more important then ever for todays trading world. With thousands of systems, indicators, markets and brokers, it is easy to fall into the trap of information overload. Media also brings most moves into the limelight in which the contrarian should mostly tend to look the other way.

Any market can only move in the directions; up or down (and of course sideways). With this in mind, primarily you can flick a coin and the outcome of up or down will have a 50.50 chance. Why make the process more difficult by suffocating these probabilities with a hundred indicators or a thousand possible news outcomes?  "simplicity" is key.

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Trading profitably? Most likely you will FAIL

James King explains why most traders will fail to be profitable and what can be done to turn this around.

17 Feb, 2012 in Forex

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