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Nationality: New Zealand

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Dr Brian Bloch started his career as a lecturer in Economics in Johannesburg, although his own research interests at that time led him into the field of management.

He did his masters and doctorate in the field of organisational behaviour, while continuing to teach economics. On completing his doctorate, he moved to New Zealand, where he taught International Business for several years.

Subsequently, having studied German quite seriously for many years, he decided to move to Europe.  He knew a professor in the Westphalian city of Muenster (aka Münster), and moved there, and have remained in Muenster since then.  

After a couple of years full time at the Westphalian Wilhelms University of Muenster, he went freelance in 2002, which evolved into his current Work Portfolio.

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How To Lie With Financial Statistics

Dr Brian Bloch demonstrates how statistical data can be manipulated to give a very different impression to that of reality and suggests ways in which this can be addressed.

27 Jan, 2012 in Money Markets

Logic: The Antidote To Emotional Investing

Dr Brian Bloch discusses how "emotional contagion" can adversely affect investment and trading decisions and ways in which this can be addressed.

03 Apr, 2014 in Psychology

Can You 'Learn' The Stock Market?

Dr Brian Bloch discusses the factors that determine if capability in trading the stock market can be learned or otherwise.

04 Mar, 2016 in Equities

The Downward Spiral of Trading Addiction

Dr Brian Bloch discusses the symptoms of trading addiction and suggests ways in which to address it.

26 Aug, 2016 in Psychology

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